7 secrets of success


“Challenges can be fun”.

In our lives we are often faced with tasks that we have to solve, often we have to make considerable efforts. Perhaps you will say that only masochists are able to get pleasure from the difficulties. I beg to differ…

The thing is how you look at all the obstacles that arise in your life. Want to learn how to create a positive attitude towards obstacles? How to

perceive the obstacle almost with joy?

The advice is simple. Use the formula:

“Whatever does not kill us makes us stronger”.

Doing physical exercises, you know exactly what they benefit for you, that you become stronger. You knock the breath, collect all will in a fist, but do that last pull-up, because I know it will make you stronger. Overcoming physical activity is the path of improving your body.

All a bit complicated when we transfer this principle to the sphere of professional growth in the field of personal development. It is not clear that your efforts in any of these areas is called internal growth. However, it is absolutely true fact that you just rarely go to the correct examples to recognize the truth of this fact.

All we see athletes, we know how they came to their success through the constant overcoming of physical activity. But, for some reason, the successful people in any field we habitually written off to “luck”, “communication” etc. Perhaps it is easier to live…

However, if you take the trouble to study biographies of successful people, you will see the same thing: “constantly overcoming its weaknesses, challenges – that’s what made them a success.”

Your task is to remember this; let the success of another person (physical, spiritual, creative) you are always strongly associated with his work on overcoming himself, just as the strength of an athlete is associated with overcoming physical exertion.

Encountering problems and difficulties – you become stronger . rejoice that you are given the chance to become stronger, I’m more looking for this meeting.


“Winning at all determined final effort”.

When you exercise, you get the maximum effect from the last 3 pushups from last 3 pull-UPS and from the last meters of the race.

No matter how many reps you did before and how many kilometers you ran your power grows when you make those last movement using “CAN’T”. With this training your will and your strength.

You have to understand that here is not appropriate to compare with someone else: your forces have meaning only your will – focus on them and make this time for 1 more repetition, on palpomere more, a little bit more.

The same is true in any other field. No one will appreciate your wonderful business plan and a month of hard labor, if you don’t do your most difficult and final step is to start a Business.

No matter how long you were going with the courage to tell a girl you like, if the last and the most important moment you walked away, as if just passing by…

Victory is found in a final effort.


“All change comes from within — out”

All changes always begin on the inside, they are hidden, they are invisible. You have nothing to show for those who will require you results, who will doubt your abilities.

Set yourself a time of “internal security”. You need inner confidence, you need time to reach their potential, to gain power.

You embarked on a new path? Who knows better than you what you have to fight? Who knows better than you how much effort you put? Who can challenge your success? Nobody…

Let some time the whole world will stand aside with their requirements and expectations: your business will give your profits – give him time to get stronger, your body will become strong and beautiful – give him time to build yourself, your love will be strong – let the sprout grow.

You see the success within themselves, before the whole world will see him outside.


“Nothing on Earth can replace the Constant Effort”

Throw a stone into the sky, it will fall. The bird flies only through constant flapping of wings. Arrange a day of severe physical testing – everything that you receive will only fatigue.

Achieving a goal is the process. I recently set a goal to become more physically strong (target was specific – 20 pull-UPS). Only once in my life I was able to catch up 20 times – this was my second year of University. Since then it’s been 9 years and all my attempts to repeat the result ended in failure.

I moved up 18 times, then 17, then 16…14…13…12….10

I resumed training, but I could only slightly increase your score (+2 or +3).

But not this time, I have changed in the last 1.5 years and now I know that the constant efforts bring results. Today (after 2 months of training) I have made figures 19 (starting from 12), and I am absolutely sure that the figure of 20 is reached in the next month.

This rule pochynaitsya everything in life: your business is not a matter of 2 weeks, your perfect figure is not a matter of 2 months, your harmonious family relationships is not a matter of one year.

Set goals and act as long as they will not be met, or they will no longer be necessary.

The SECRET of 5

“If your progress has stopped – it does not mean that you are “reached the ceiling” — this means that it’s time to change your approach”.

Constant linear growth has its limitations, from time to time I need to change tactics or even strategy to achieve new heights.

Started with weights 8 kg, you will be able to achieve certain results, but they are the borders. These boundaries are defined as times the weight of the dumbbell – 8 kg.

After a certain period (the individual in each case) you’ll reach the ceiling. How hard you worked on, you will not get muscle mass growth. Need a new weight. There is a rule: “If you make more than 10 approaches, it’s time to increase the weight (it’s about the work “force,” not “endurance”).

The same is true in other areas.

You have started a business as a sole proprietorship? No matter how much you try, you will not be able to achieve the profits of the company Microsoft. That’s the difference between SP and company, JSC, etc.

If your growth has stopped, then that means it’s time to change the tools of development: different weight, different mode, a different form of ownership, another level of relationship.

Do not drive a Ferrari on the 1st stage of the gearbox, there are other…


Find the answer to your “WHY?” and “WHY?”

Why? Why would I set myself a goal of 20 pull-UPS? It’s very simple, I read a lot about the technologies of success and decided they were going to check in practice. They have already proven themselves in other areas. What about my body?

As I mentioned previously I was not able to reach a goal anything Changed during this time? Really all the time devoted to the study of “technology of success” was not spent in vain?

I wanted to prove to myself that it so that it works – that’s my WHY.

You should absolutely clearly and accurately to imagine the answer to this question. Vagueness in the answers to these questions is a significant obstacle to success. Why drill holes in the bottom of the ship, going in swimming. Of course, you will be able to repair them?

But here’s my question: “do You need extra difficulties?”

The time spent on finding the exact answers to these questions — it is a valuable investment in the future success of your project.

Why do you want to do business? You want to work for yourself? You want financial freedom, which depends on you? You want to complete your project?

Girls, why do you have a slim figure? You want to be healthy? You want to wear fashionable clothes? You want to be irresistible? You want to prove that “the fool” that he has lost a great deal 🙂 ?

Why? and Why?


“You passionately want to experience This in My Life”

Forget all the previous secrets, you knew. There is one, the main thing – desire. It overcomes all obstacles.

You crave to experience flight – you will find the time, money, method (paraglider, hang glider, parachute, private aircraft, etc.) You crave to be with this woman – you will find the path to her heart (or body :)). You crave to have your Own Business – you will gain the necessary knowledge, connection, start-up capital (which may be = 0)…

But first, take a few evenings to all to understand that in your Life you definitely want to experience! Light the fire within!

I really want to become strong, I want to feel that feeling – the physical strength of his body. This is just one of my passionate desires…

So let it be done first.

Good luck and don’t forget to search for Their Secrets!

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