After Age 35 the crisis

Fitness after 35

Last chance!

Here’s a real rejuvenation program with the effect of plastic surgery!

This is your last chance! Latest! Wait for nothing – you are over 35. This age is like a deep scratch across the female life. On one side is youth. On the other memories of her. In the morning you get up neither the patient nor healthy… outside the World seems colorless, food has lost

its taste. About sex and say nothing – who invented this stupid occupation, from which then a headache? In other words, we face a serious age-related crisis in the manner of teenage. However, the crisis was excess hormones, and your has a cause exactly the opposite: the hormones you are missing.

Honestly,not just hormones. But and enzymes Pro-vitamins and amino acids, synthesized in the depths of the body… the Blood has deteriorated, and the total volume of blood fell. The small capillaries in the hands and feet “closed” first, as usually happens with distant tributaries shoaling of the river, causing both now desperately cold. The same destructive process goes on in the nervous system. The muscles scarcely hear feeble control brain signals and send them back to unrecognizable echo, often lost in the confusing maze of neural circuits. Because of this, all of your movements have become frustratingly awkward, difficult for you to run, walk heavy, heavy…

Any mechanic here hopelessly shrug: srabotalis machine, what it will take! Further, they say, will only get worse… no and No again! Go back to the beginning of the article: you have the chance to stop time and even deploy it back! First a little theory. Gerontologists, experts on aging, we are convinced that genuine the aging process begins after age 60. What are we talking about? Failures in cellular synthesis. Simply put, cells reproduce themselves when they make mistakes.

First, they are negligible, however, purely statistical errors accumulate over the years. After 60 years of “abnormal” cells is so much that the body gets upset. This will be aging in its “pure form”. Well, what happens to you? Lack of hormones, enzymes, Pro-vitamins and amino acids? Fell blood volume? Passed the nervous system? No, it is not so! Just the body has adjusted to your daily sedentary existence. Over millions of years of evolution he learned to live with its special idea save energy and therefore produces only just enough to have enough to spare. In fact, why spend money on something that will not be necessary. But with your way of life need something a little. You get the logic? To be saved, you need to shake things up! I think, we will advise you fitness?

Train like the pros

No, too late… Amateur fitness offers lightweight restorative training, and your body needs a shock, a blow with a cudgel! Someone decides: I will, supposedly to train more instead of one hour, two or even three. But not in this case! Need a very different CHARACTER loads. It’s like the difference between wine and water. How much water is drunk, not drunk! Though the day does not get off the cardio machines, and still remains, with its “capital”. And you need something that stunned the body begin and enzymes to produce, and amino acids, and vitamins, and nervous system “began to play, and increased blood! And this thing called power training.

From the English word power power. From physics you remember that power is strength multiplied by speed. In other words, it is about the exercises where the weight should be lifted quickly. It would seem, what’s the difference – you quickly or slowly raise the dumbbell? And the difference, meanwhile, is HUGE! When you do strength exercise slowly, the body also slowly heat a little” pre-made stocks of the main “fuel” – sugar. He eventually drop by drop fills the blood and balances the flow of the same sugar during exercise.

Experience tells you that to melt the sugar, fat, wax quickly impossible. Business is slow, requires patience. And if you try to lift heavy weight fast explosive movement? And then again and again, almost without rest? The power consumption is huge! It is here that the body panics: as a source of energy sugar is not perfect – the rates are not the same. But if every other day you held a new “explosive” workout, and the next day another one. Inside the body begins the mayhem. He remembers all the emergency sources of power: hormonal glands come to life, begins enhanced secretion of enzymes includes the fast and the furious protein synthesis, increases blood volume, changing its composition in favor of oxygen saturation and erythrocyte… You come to the mirror and not recognize yourself: the facial skin is smoothed, eyes shining, lips living colour returned and became noticeably fuller! What kind of miracles? Believe me, this is just the beginning!

Training wisely

Power training is how to take the pill. It acts on the body of nutria. Here, as in fitness, aiming exercises on the biceps, triceps, etc. Any movement doing “whole body”. In this way we get the effect of a deep shake-up.

If you have no sports experience, to the power-training no need to rush. You will need a floppy joints, but your may rastrineobola and reduced mobility. First sign up for a Pilates or yoga. And then buy a book on stretching. Parasthesias two or three weeks and then start to power training.

To help necessary to attract the instructor – at least for the first 2-3 sessions. He will show. How to correctly perform exercises and teach you this. After about a month and a half things will go from bad to worse. Exercises require skill – one day he comes. In addition, you will need more overall endurance, but it is also a matter of time. The result depends on the size of the weight, but at first focus on how to perform all the repetitions perfectly true with low weight. To neballat weight only after you learn how to do an exercise that is called “automatically”.

Power training is addictive. You will want to train often, almost daily. You can’t do that. Initially train two times a week. A month and a half go to three workouts. Only very experienced fitnessista can afford training every other day. The secret is that explosive movements require elevated mental attitude, but this attitude appears only in the case of overcompensation. Know what it is? This is when you regained his physical strength in abundance. Usually it takes two or three days.

Jump in the group

Place your feet shoulder-width apart. The bend your knees slightly, keep your arms in front of him. Much jump up and simultaneously pull your knees to your chest until it touches your hands. The first time the movement probably will not work. Practice while jumping and lifting of the knees will not be a single continuous movement. When mastered, the knees do not touch. Use hands for powerful stroke that will help you jump higher. Remember, exercise should resemble an explosion. More dynamic! Knees higher! Landed? Without rest immediately bounce! Imagine that all the exercises you do on hot coals.

The printed throw the ball

Stand facing to a wall or to a partner, feet shoulder-width apart. Take a medicine ball weighing 2-4 kg and keep it in front of the hips on the straight arms. Quick motion bring the ball behind your head. Them this position explosive force abruptly throw the ball into a wall or partner. Remember, the throw is made “whole body”, and not only by his hands. In the cast are involved leg and press. Body inertia continues to move after the ball. Partner without delay with the force throws you the ball back. You catch, start at the head and toss again forward. Exercise must be done quickly, as if the ball is hot and can burn your hands. If no partner, quickly pick up the ball from the ground and immediately drop into a wall.

Pull the dumbbell with one hand

Place your feet slightly wider shoulders and observe the position of the squat with dumbbells in a straight hand. Shoulders back, gaze is directed straight ahead. From the starting position powerfully lacerated the dumbbell upwards. The dumbbell acquire the moment of inertia and “off”, dragging you with him. The straightening of the knees with involvement of the muscles of the body will give your body such a momentum that the feet will inevitably come off the floor.

At some point, the dumbbell will exhaust the moment of inertia and for a moment, “hang” in the air before starting the reverse movement. Here it is necessary to deftly hooked under the barbell and take it on the straight arm, podprugin the weight of her knees. It remains to straighten and stand up straight while holding a dumbbell in your straight arm over your head. From this position, lower the dumbbells down, helping himself with his other hand.

Blow up at practice!

You can add power exercises to your usual program, and can once or twice a week to arrange a focused power training.

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