Breathing exercises

Gymnastics was originally intended to restore the voices of the singers. The basics of gymnastics was laid by Alexander Severova Strelnikova. Her daughter Alexandra Nikolaevna Strelnikova continued the work of the mother and in 1972 received a copyright certificate for “Method of treatment of diseases associated with loss of voice”. At some point was seen overall health benefits of gymnastics. To perform the Strelnikova exercises began to recommend and catarrhal diseases of the upper respiratory tract and other diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Many famous actors and singers, successful speakers do exercises breathing exercises

Strelnikova as daily, to maintain the overall tone and before going on stage to raise up the energy of his speech. Seen the positive effect of gymnastics for the treatment of stuttering and nervousness. Exercises relieves fatigue, removes from the state of depression and increases sexual activity.

Loss of voice. Reasons

A common phenomenon for singers, teachers, soldiers – loss of voice. Loss of voice may be caused by hypothermia or malfunction of the respiratory organs when removing the sound. In the latter case, loss of voice associated with the type of breathing. Most people have formed the thoracic type of breathing: expanding the rib cage allows air only in the upper parts of the lungs. The sound is breath, swaying vocal cords. The exhalation in people with thoracic type of breathing weak and short of air in the upper portions of the lungs is pushed a little. For full saturation of the body with oxygen, you have more to gain air to breath so often. During speech or singing, the air enters the lungs in normal quantities, but the exhale is subject to the rhythm of speech or song. Soon in the lungs begins to accumulate excess air, which begins to put pressure on the vocal cords and they tense. The man begins to speak with effort, further straining the ligaments. Ligaments injured and if people can’t stop playing – he will lose the vote. With regular ligament injury can occur nodes, requiring surgery.

Loss of voice. Addressing the causes.

In order to sound long and freely, without straining your ligaments, you need to use the full amount of their lungs. Not only will this allow you to freely manage your voice and use it for a long time, but also eliminate congestion in the lungs and improve oxygenation of the body, will reduce the frequency of breathing and heartbeat, which, in turn, will slow down the aging process. In order to use the entire volume of our lungs, we must train our diaphragm. The correct type of breathing is called diaphragmatic. The diaphragm is a muscular plate separating the abdominal cavity and lungs. When it is reduced, it is omitted to make room for the lungs (the stomach protrudes) – the air descends into the lower parts of the lungs. Then she relaxes and the air itself is pushed out of the lungs. Exercises Strelnikova is unique in that all its exercises reduce the volume of the chest, preventing breast breathing. But exercises are performed on the inhale that makes our diaphragm, is training.

A set of exercises

It’s 12 exercises that are performed on the inhale. Breath is a very special Strelnikova”. He is very fast and deep for a moment (clapping) you need to fill the lungs with air. Inhale through the nose. On the exhale, do not think – if you correctly breathed, it should happen by itself, preferably through the mouth. Practice.

Zetem, you can begin the exercises. All exercises are performed by several approaches 8 or 32 breaths in motion so that in total you have completed 96 inhale-movements for each exercise. Between sets rest for 3-10 seconds. To consider you need about yourself. Rhythm exercises – rhythm parade step. Breath is performed simultaneously with the movement.

The sequence of exercises in the classic complex:

1. “Palms” – 12 approaches to 8 breaths movements.

2. “Pogonici” – 12 approaches to 8 breaths movements.

3. “Pump” – 12 approaches to 8 breaths movements.

4. “Cat” – 12 approaches to 8 breaths movements.

5. “Embrace your shoulders” – 12 approaches to 8 breaths movements.

6. “Big pendulum” – 12 approaches to 8 breaths movements.

7. “Turns heads” – 12 approaches to 8 breaths movements.

8. “Ears” – 12 approaches to 8 breaths movements.

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