Breathing exercises for pohudeniya

Why torture yourself with diets or die from exhaustion in the gym, if you can just breathe and lose weight? Today there are several methods of breathing exercises for weight loss – some came to us from the East, and some were developed in the USSR .

How does it work?

All methods of breathing exercises work on the same principle: a special breathing causes oxygen faster to enter the blood, which leads to the acceleration of metabolism, and hence to increased fat burning. Thus more you use abdominal breathing than breast, as breathing through the abdomen stronger strains the diaphragm. Lungs greatly enlarged, increasing their life volume – up to 0.3 l for a few months of training. Abdominal breathing increases blood flow in the organs. and diaphragm during contractions additionally stimulates them. When you do this breathing exercise does not cause the feeling of hunger, despite the acceleration of metabolism.

Breathing exercises provides comprehensive revitalizing effect, and is particularly effective for the lungs. It is designed for sedentary and untrained people, and can also be used even in regard to bedridden patients.

Techniques breathing exercises

The name of the Chinese breathing exercises called “Csanta” translates as “drop the fat”. Secrets to Russia Eastern sages penetrated through publishing employee of the Russian edition of the magazine “China” Rose Yu bin. With the help of “Csanta” she lost 10 pounds in 2 months. «Tsaneva” combines breathing exercises with meditation practice. «Tsaneva” great for practice during the “discharge”, because it helps to dull the feeling of hunger.

A set of breathing exercises includes three exercises: “wave”, “frog” and “Lotus”. They are based on abdominal breathing. To deal should be loose fitting and without a lap belt. Exercise “frog” is contraindicated for women during menstruation and those who had not yet expired three months after surgery. In cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases strongly recommended not to inflate the abdomen.

«Bodyflex” was developed by an enterprising American Childers Greer, which is adapted yogic exercise called “Uddiyana-Bandha” under the weight loss. Her book “Magnificent figure in 15 minutes a day– 13 describes exercises – 2 for face and 11 for the body. Thanks to his method Greer for the three months changed clothing size from 52 to 40 . Breathing technique in “the Bodyflex” looks like this: breath — deep breath — a sharp exhale — the breath for 8–10 seconds, during which you exercise. On the exhale, you must utter the cry “groin”. This technique increases the concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood. which helps to isolate oxygen from hemoglobin. Then free oxygen with the blood flow is directed to the area of muscular tension and starting to breakdown of fats. Greer claims that an hour of exercising you can burn 3000 calories, however, this figure seems dubious.

During class “Bodyflex” of any diet is contraindicated. However, the complex of exercises on an empty stomach.

Complex «Oxisols” many people confuse with “Bodyflex”. In Russia, he came recently, and coaches can count on the fingers. «Oxisols” offers over the soft breathing system without sharp exhalations, so this type of breathing exercise has fewer contraindications, they can do even pregnant. «Oxisols” has a huge advantage over “Bodyflex”: the exercises can be performed at any convenient time, and not on an empty stomach.

The mechanism of weight loss is exactly the same as in “the Bodyflex”. Carrying out simple physical exercises, you need to inhale and three small devdaha, and then exhale and three post-exhalation. This cycle is repeated 30 times.

When doing “Exisits” calories are spent 1.5 times faster than when riding a bike. In addition, the complex is load the abdominal muscles. So, 15 minute sessions they manage to shrink more than 250 times. «Oxisols” recommended for migraines, diseases of the digestive tract and female reproductive system.

Breathing exercises Strelnikova was developed in the USSR in the late 30-ies as a way to restore the voice for singers. Considered to be the world’s only breathing exercises, in which short and sharp inhale through the nose is done on the compression of the chest. New technique reveals surprising results – gymnastics not only treating diseases associated with loss of voice, but also ozdoravlivat the body as a whole. The adherents of the system Strelnikova do recommend exercises to treat and prevent a number of ailments, from asthma, bronchitis. ARI and ending sexual disorders. However, breathing exercises Strelnikova does not promise radical results in fat burning.

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