Bruised heels causes

The symptoms of heel injury — and how to treat a bruised heel?

Bruised heel – this is a fairly common injury that you can easily get a failed landing from a jump or a fall of a heavy object. Since this pathology is accompanied by pain, it cannot be ignored.

Injury is called closed damage tissues without significant disruption of their structure. Under the heel injury understand quite a common injury that is often accompanied by a dislocated joints, torn ligaments.

Causes of injury

To injury of the heel can be caused by variety of factors, but the most common are the following:

a bad landing after a jump;

walking or running on uneven surfaces;

classes in various sports;

walking up the stairs;

wearing shoes with high heels.

At risk usually are sportsmen and children, because they lead a very active lifestyle. Although less mobile people may get bruised heel – for example, when walking up the stairs or in the event of sudden movements.

Symptoms, which can identify trauma

For heel injury characterized by very specific symptoms. These include:

The appearance of a bruise. Usually in case of injury, the heels are damaged vessels, causing the blood penetrates the muscular layer and the hypodermis. This causes the formation of bruises.

Expressed pain. The blood that enters the tissue, causing their separation. In addition, in the heel are squeezed nerve endings. Therefore severe hemorrhage leads to severe pain.

The appearance of swelling. This symptom is associated with poor blood circulation, as it increases pain. Swelling may be accompanied by the formation of lumps, which indicates the development of complications.

Lameness. Sometimes people unwittingly protects the damaged area and tries not to step on it – this leads to changes in gait.

To distinguish injury from a fracture, you should pay attention to the nature of pain. So, with the injury severe pain lasts for several hours, after which it becomes aching and dull character and eventually passes. In the case of a fracture the pain is only increasing.

Diagnostic methods

Diagnosis only a qualified physician. This specialist conducts such research:

Patient survey. During the conversation, the doctor finds out what events preceded the injury.

Examination of the patient. At this stage, the technician must visually assess the existing damage and to draw a conclusion.

The x-ray. Using this procedure it is possible to distinguish a simple injury from a fracture of the talus – that it represents the skeletal framework of the heel.

Steps to healing trauma

To avoid severe complications and reduce the pain, you need to consult a doctor. However, before that person is to deny all possible assistance.

First aid

To determine the nature of the injury consists in the following activities:

You should limit the load on the leg. It is advisable to sit or lie down, with the foot to hang freely.

After that to the affected area you can apply ice. With this you can reduce swelling and to treat pain.

Absolutely can not bandaged leg. If there is a fracture, there is a risk that the bone fragments will shift.

What to do and how to treat a bruised heel is not an easy question. Whereupon should certainly consult a doctor and not to self-medicate. Only trauma surgeon or the surgeon can determine the tactics of further actions.

Methods of treatment

Than to treat a bruised heel, if the injury is not accompanied by a fracture? Medicine offers such treatments heel injury:

On the first day, decrease the flow of blood in the tissue . You need to apply cold to the heel and apply a pressure bandage. Ice will lead to spasm of blood vessels, and the dressing will squeeze their mechanical – due to this, the blood will cease to flow.

On the second or third day you can use warm compresses – they will provide a rapid resorption of blood trapped in the tissues, and reduce pain. The solution is to compress add drugs such as Traumeel, heparin, ibuprofen.

It is desirable to combine these tools with Dimexidum – this will increase permeability and provide a more efficient flow of drugs into the tissue.

Fairly useful and physiotherapy activities – they effectively reduce swelling and eliminate pain.

You can additionally apply remedies to relieve swelling – for this purpose, suitable ointments such as caffeine and lioton. They should be place on top of the foot without the use of a bandage. Repeat this procedure twice a day.

Traditional medicine

Quite effective in the treatment of a severe injury heel and folk remedies. The most effective popular recipes, if badly bruised heel, include the following:

Vodka compress. It is necessary to moisten the gauze with vodka and attach to the heel. So that the active substance does not evaporate, you must use the insulating material – perfect plastic bag. You must do this twice a day until the pain will disappear.

Cabbage leaves. They should be lightly mash to form a juice. Then apply to the affected area and secure it with a bandage.

Beans. Her need to cook and good to stretch. The resulting tool to lay out on parchment, attached to bruise the heel and secure it with a bandage.

The consequences of injury

Usually bruised heel passes without serious consequences – all of his existence disappear for 2-3 weeks. However, sometimes these injuries are the cause of serious complications. These include neuritis, traumatic synovitis, periarthritis, impaired joint mobility, etc.

If after therapeutic interventions injury does not pass, there is a hematoma and pain, then you need to consult a trauma – in this case, the doctor will choose a more serious treatment.

Preventive measures

To prevent the occurrence of injuries that need to be addressed by prevention. This requires the use of protective equipment during sports activities. In addition, it is necessary to watch that children are playing in safe places and were under constant adult supervision.

A bruised heel is unpleasant injury that is accompanied by pain. However, if the time to begin treatment, serious health consequences can be avoided – in just two weeks from this kind of damage will not be over.

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