Abstract: The article is devoted to the evaluation of lunar influences on the recovery processes of the human body (men and women 20 to 45 years) after exercise. The article discusses the physiological rationale of improving human health through physical exercise, taking into account selected lunar influence. Suggests that it is possible to intensify the process of recovery after exercise, when you consider the lunar influence in the training process.

Keywords: Moon phase (quarter) of the moon, and tides. Vegetative index. Physical activity, the recovery of the body. Men and women 20-45 years.

Accumulated, to date, numerous experimental data indicate an important role of Helio-geophysical factors and their influence on the human body. Wide material of the current literature shows the influence of the changing lunar phases and tidal phenomena on the functioning of the human body in health and disease [1]. However, research on potential lunar influences on the processes of recovery after exercise, was conducted.

In textbooks on sports physiology [2; 5] the ability of the human body to restore after performing muscle activity is considered as a natural an integral and indispensable property. Restorative processes are started almost immediately after starting the physical work, after formation changes caused by this work. They continue until, until there are changes in the system performance. The recovery of the body, i.e. the return of the physical parameters of the body to carbochem level, includes the fast and slow phases of recovery and takes up to three days [2]. Accelerated modification of the regulation in trophotropism direction indicates the most rapid and complete recovery.

THE PROBLEM OF THE STUDY. One of the problems at the present stage of development of mass physical culture and sports is the physiological rationale of the laws of improving human health through physical exercise, as well as in conservation and restoration [5].

Some General guidelines for accounting of lunar influences in the training process are not implemented in practice due to the lack of real justification. The resolution of this contradiction must contribute to the solution of physiological justification of the laws of health improvement through physical exercise.

It is important to identify the possible impact on the human body is very weak changes of the gravitational field, occurring under the action of tide-generating luni-solar forces. In this regard, we should highlight the crucial idea is expressed by G. S. Balkania that “. living beings are actively interacting with the gravitational environment.” Integrated response of the human response to the gravitational influence includes, including the reaction of the musculoskeletal system [1].

The aim of the work was to assess the lunar influences on the recovery process of the human body after exercise. Presumably the “lunar workout” should provide, as a minimum, the following positive impact: to minimize the time of perestroika regulation in trophotropism direction, which, in turn, will provide deep nourishment for a shorter period of time.

Based on the objectives of the work programme has been drawn up workouts, considering tide-generating forces [1], generated by the Moon in its four quarters.

ORGANIZATION OF THE STUDY. Based on the research problem, to resolve the contradictions were prepared complexes “lunar training”. In the complexes used well-known athletic exercises of gymnastics with free weights (dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, exercise weights and exercises that are weight bearing. For training facilities were used to the same exercises. Training complexes differed in the sequence of exercises in each of the four lunar weeks. These differences were determined by the change of the lunar phases (due to the arrangement of tide-generating forces [1]).

As shown in various studies, the effect of gravity on the body is very diverse, as it affects all the organs and receptor formation in the body. The researchers note that “. animals actively change their position and orientation relative to the gravity vector…” (Balkania G. S. 1982) [1]. In our case, we have not changed the position and orientation of the involved relative to the gravity vector. The promotion of “biological tide” (Lieber, A. L. 1978) [1] was carried out by the redistribution of blood flow in favor of the working muscles [5] through exercise…

RESEARCH METHODS. The measurements were performed in the morning after a night of sleep using wrist pressure cuff UB-402 Medical, Japan. Estimated systolic and diastolic blood pressure (D) and heart rate (R).

The kerdo index (V. I.) is the indicator used to assess the activity of the autonomic nervous system is calculated from the parameters of blood (diastolic pressure and heart rate) according to the following formula:

V. I. = (1-D/R) * 100

Value V. I. indicates the ratio of sympathetic and parasympathetic influences on the autonomic system support activities. It is believed that the shift towards the parasympathetic (decrease numerical value V. I.) means the improvement of regenerative processes in the human body [3; 4].

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