Exercise equipment for weight loss how to choose

What exercise for weight loss most effective?

You can lose weight in different ways, can be used for these purposes, diet, dancing and shaping, yoga, or workout equipment. Everyone can find something to your liking. Those people who chose to lose weight with the help of machines, but can’t afford regular visits to gyms, naturally interested in the question, and what exercise is best for home?

Types of exercise machines

The person, who is “blind” figure with the help of sports equipment, you

should know exactly what inventory exists and for what purpose it is used. When choosing a means of losing weight the first step is to define goals and opportunities. Get rid of extra pounds without expensive gyms, weights, dumbbells, wrap or regular jump ropes. They are not trainers, but in the reviews people give good results. Speaking of stationary machines, it is possible to find the best one will be difficult, because each of them has its pros and cons.

There are 2 types of units:

The cardio equipment. They help get rid of extra pounds, combine aerobic and physical activity, help to lead saggy muscle tone.

Power station. Help build up different muscle groups contribute to the creation of a relief body, help to lose weight and strengthen muscles.

Most “Jack” working only certain muscle groups, but there is meant to be versatile exercises. The increase in power loads is carried out by adding weights, hydraulics and adjust the speed.

Simulator for home

Home fitness equipment for weight loss must meet several requirements. To be functional, to work out several muscle groups, occupy little space, to be reliable and low level of noise emitted. Most units are not cheap, but you can pick up a good option.

By coaches, for the house it is better to take the cardiovascular equipment. They are more compact, able to involve several groups of muscles and therefore help burn more calories. Plus it can provide aerobic exercise, thanks to which the body is saturated with oxygen and activation of metabolic processes.

Special attention when choosing a home trainer for weight loss should be paid to problem areas of the body. If it is legs and thighs, then fit a stepper, a treadmill and an exercise bike. If the waist, arms and shoulders then your preference should be given to elliptical machines.

The units are distinguished on the basis of the action. Trainer for weight loss can be mechanical, magnetic and electrical. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Additional functions, such as pulse measurement, electrical panel, demonstration of the speed and magnitude of stress increases the cost of the simulator.

Types of home exercise equipment for weight loss

Home fitness equipment for weight loss can be of different sizes. The most compact simulators are: stepper, press arc, disc, universal exercise equipment for legs, rocking rowing type. Treadmills, power plants, elliptical and stationary bikes have large sizes. You can choose the best in the group, but not in General.

Universal mechanical exercise machines for legs Fell magic. During the exercise involved more than 200 muscles, it is the outer and the inner part of the thighs, abdominals, glutes, calves, side abdominal muscles. Power load is created by its own weight and intensity of movements.

The stepper simulates climbing stairs. In the course of exercises involve muscles of the legs, buttocks and stomach. Power load is minimal, in other aerobic too.

Press the arc – trainer for weight loss, which allows you to perform more than 10 exercises for the abdominal muscles, and the spine is not overloaded. The load is only on abdominal muscles, the other parts of the body is virtually untapped.

The disc allows you to better work through direct and oblique abdominal muscles, tighten the thighs and buttocks, to form a waist.

The rowing simulator allows you to use many muscles to strengthen the spine and develop its flexibility, but the main burden is on the shoulder belt. This unit will help you lose weight, to normalize the cardiovascular system and tone the muscles of the arms, abdominals and chest.

Treadmills are a great pacemakers, and classes on them – an effective way to get rid of extra pounds. On most models the load is controlled and each losing weight will be able to pick up your pace of movement. In the course of exercises on the simulator is the load on the muscles of the legs, buttocks and hands.

Exercise bikes are a great tool for getting rid of excess weight. During training most involved muscles, particularly the abdominal muscles, legs, buttocks. In most models it is possible to independently adjust the speed of “drive” and power load.

And the best reviews for lovers of physical education, this elliptical trainer. In fact, it is the combination of several machines: stationary bike, treadmill, stepper and rowing. During the execution of the exercises involved are almost all muscle groups, the pedal can rotate forward and backwards, aerobic exercise is also present, there is a possibility to adjust power settings.

Power station. This unit does not apply to the cardio equipment and is designed to build muscle. The simulator includes various devices for pumping all muscle groups. The machine takes a lot of space, but, for athletes, is very useful when performing strength exercises.

What exercise to choose for the house everyone decides individually, as everything will depend on the financial capabilities, the availability of space and the goals of losing weight.

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