Fat burner Nutrend Neocarnitargin

NeoCarnitargin is a unique combination of active substances intended for a General harmonization and stimulation of energy metabolism during periods of high demand in the provision of energy, for example, heart activity, muscle function, activity of cells of the immune system, liver, etc. At the same time NeoCarnitargin helps to optimize neuro-muscular processes. The product is presented in a highly absorbable liquid form.

Product Nutrend Carnitin was specially developed for:

maintain a level of endurance in athletes;

– to provide the body with nutrients to improve muscular and neuro-muscular activity (reduce tensions and prevent spasms and cramps);

– maintain a diet aimed at weight reduction (promotes energy production from adipose tissue);

– to provide the body with nutrients to reduce the risk of problems associated with the circulatory system;

– faster recovery after intense exercise;

– improve physical and mental condition during times of stress;

– ensure the body’s nutritional substances to enhance spermatogenesis;

– total natural revitalizing and saturate the body with energy;

– create an anti-stress barrier.

Characteristics of effective substances:

L-carnitine base – L-carnitine transports fatty acids into their burning mitochondria, and thus, promotes energy production from fats. He plays a very important role in the energy supply of many important organs, e.g. heart, liver, muscles and cells of the immune system – thus he supports their activities. L-carnitine largely contributes to the overall saturation of the body with energy. It helps to reduce weight, stimulates the heart and mental activity, and stimulates physical and mental activity. Its importance is proved by the fact that 70% of the energy used by the heart, is produced from fatty acids. This is why a sufficient amount of L-carnitine is necessary for proper functioning and normal functioning of the heart. Due to the fact that the heart cannot produce L-carnitine on their own, it depends on the income of L-carnitine from the blood system. Many studies have shown a positive effect of L-carnitine in diseases of the heart muscle, the deposition of fat in the heart and cardiac arrhythmias. L-carnitine can be used as a dietary Supplement in the treatment of these diseases, however, cannot be considered a drug.

L-carnitine in combination with L-arginine and vitamin B6 are very effective combination of substances that promote burning of fat reserves. Correct stimulation of fat metabolism can simultaneously lead and total saturation of the body with energy, and lower cholesterol levels.

Ginseng helps the body to mobilize the energy needed for physical and mental health, it strengthens the body and produces anti-stress barrier.

To increase the energy potential of the body also involved another important amino acid is glycine. Glycine is used by the body to produce creatine and creatine phosphate – substances directly used as a source of energy necessary for muscular activity.

In combination with magnesium, which has the ability to effectively deal with cramps, glycine creates effective combination of substances that contribute to the maintenance of normal muscle activity. This unique combination is particularly effective to restore strength during physical and psychological stress, as well as in related problems.

Recommended dosage:

To stimulate the body by reducing subcutaneous fat reserves, to improve neuro-muscular activity and reduce the risk of problems with the circulatory system:

2 times a day for 15 ml. The first portion should be taken in the morning before meals, the second one about 30 minutes before exercise or at bedtime; can take 30 ml per day for one meal;

– the greatest effect of the product can be achieved in combination with products containing tyrosine.


Before using shake. Take the product, stirred the contents of the measuring container in a cold drink. Milk and alcoholic beverages are not suitable for preparation of a solution based on them. After use, the bottle must be carefully resealed, the measuring device wash in hot water and dried. After opening the product should be preserved at temperatures below 10°C and consume within 30 days.

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