Fitness as a lifestyle


Huge smoky cities, poor environment, constant depression (a disease of post-industrial society) and much more, making us exhausted, both physically and spiritually. And seemingly there is no end to it, we are hopelessly ill, and we have nothing will help! In the era of antibiotics and fast foods our body is suffocating, he has forgotten how to heal yourself.

An urgent need to do something!

And now, at the turn of the Millennium, to help a person comes to such a thing as fitness. In the view of the majority, fitness – this is the same bodybuilding, only in an expensive gym, and, in General, almost synonymous with bodybuilding. But, it is not so! Fitness is a way of life. By itself, the fitness does not mean a huge muscle size, which were flabbergasted (flabbergasted!) current bodybuilders. Classes at the gym are focused, in this case, the development of a strong, lithe and muscular body, truly functional, harmoniously developed and healthy. Take a look at images of the ancient Greeks – beautiful people striving for harmony with ourselves and the world around them. Fitness gives us the impetus to the attainment of the same.

How? Why fitness presents some kind of panacea, you ask. The answer is obvious! Movement is life! We forget that programmed for regular physical activity. Just look at the statistics, according to which a highly developed nation elementary “fat” to understand the justice of this claim!

Did You so that everything seems to be good – both at work and in the family. but something is wrong. Something wrong inside you and You can’t understand that. You look out the window and see only a bleak autumn landscapes, grey high-rises, and it becomes worse! Nothing You don’t in joy. You don’t know how to bring colors into your life.

And try to enroll in a gym! The satisfaction after a good workout – it’s an incomparable feeling! The ease of the whole body, head held high, heart “sings” and the fall is beautiful in their colors. Within a month or two of regular training overweight people begin to lose, and the winners of adding lean – to gain muscle mass. Women notice as it starts to slimmer their figure, as in a new started to look at them old acquaintances, began to change the whole life. Pay attention to how disappear “abdomen”, as poured by the power of their muscles, and with interest as glancing at them girls on the beach.

And here unhappy will say again – what good is stupid narcissism? Except that temporary psychotherapy, forcing to escape from everyday problems. Not only! Although this is a big plus! Once You love yourself, your body, regular exercise will be an integral part of Your life, and once that moment comes, you will have to change a lot and for the better. You have to eat mostly healthy food, and do it at the same time! Your metabolism returns to normal, will be more stable, strong sleep, and stress will evaporate without a trace. You will see new faces in life, You will recognize the proud word “man”, and life will sparkle with new, hitherto unfamiliar, colors!

Fitness as a lifestyle, is gaining pace. A huge number of stars of show business doing it regularly, and frequent complaints about the use of plastic surgery have not always truthful.

You don’t have a life partner? You almost don’t notice the opposite sex? Grasp yourself! Start to change right now! Don’t wait that someone will consider for the gray looks rich inner world. Remember: clothes make the man!

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