Fitness on your maste

Why waste time, or how to do fitness in the workplace

Physical inactivity is the first problem for all office workers who spend more than 9 hours sitting at the computer. Decreased activity – not the last trouble of the modern worker, because this problem is looming overweight, diseases of cardiovascular and nervous system. As prevention regular exercise are recommended. They will help get rid of sagging muscles, lift your spirits, will lead the body in tone.

To improve efficiency it is imperative to conduct a short warm-up during operation. Short breaks will help improve blood flow and relieve mental

activity to physical. Such load during the day “a great read” women who seek to lose weight. A little practice will help speed up the metabolism and, consequently, make the body more effectively burn fat.

Do not lose a single minute: do while working

No time for a full workout at the gym? It’s time to do fitness in the workplace. Although the effectivenessof such training is scientifically proven, we should not expect them to fantastic weight loss or reduce the volume enough and observationsare action. Training only takes 20-30 minutes, all exercises are performed in a sitting position.

Attention to the eyes

A great workout for the eyes turn a set of exercises that occupy 3-4 minutes. You should start with a deep inhalation and exhalation. Leaning back in his chair, you must work hard to blink and open his eyes. In the next part of the exercise involved hands: you need to put on the belt. Turning his head to the right, you need to look at the right elbow, and after the position change to the left. In the final part of the warm-up need to look at the ceiling to outline the circle in counterclockwise and clockwise direction (to move the head is not necessary). Thus it is necessary to lower and raise eyebrows, rapidly blinking. If you perform a warm-up for eyes regularly, the advice of the eye doctor will be required.

Plastic face

So that the muscles of the chin and neck have always been toned, it helps to give them just a few minutes. Sitting upright, with your feet on the floor and slowly move your head back. Feel the tension in the muscles of the neck? It’s time to stop and hold the position for 10 seconds. Then slowly head to tilt in order to press it against his chest. Repeating this part of the exercise a couple dozen times, you can proceed to leisurely head tilts left and right kneading the muscles of the cervical spine. If such classes do not give a positive effect, it is time to make an appointment to see a doctor, neurologist or specialist in cervical osteochondrosis of the spine.

Beat the boss

Mammalogy recommend that women regularly to train the chest muscles. To do it in working hours is possible even at meetings. Enough to lean his elbows on the table, folded his hands in prayer, most fingers spread. Hands to connect not only with the effort to connect and disconnect the palm, as if trying something clamp. To do 20 approaches. If you do the exercise correctly, you will feel tension in the muscles of the chest. Fitness in the workplace even before the tutorial: let it decide what you think the stress over the tasks.

Developing the shoulder Department, is to stretch, stretch your arms in front of you so that the brush they were perpendicular. The hands in this position need to raise and lower 10 times. Don’t forget to make a circular motion with your hands, pre-bending at the elbows.

Flat stomach and slender legs

To show off a beautiful flat stomach, enough to perform a simple exercise: sit, without touching the back of the chair, straighten your back and take your feet off the floor, plunging the belly. This position must hold 15 seconds, repeat exercise 10-15 times.

Fitness in the workplace can’t ignore the feet. A total of 15 repetitions of simple exercises will help to make the hips more attractive. In the sitting position, you need to place feet shoulder width apart, put your palms on your knees and forcefully try to push them against the legs. A similar struggle is 10 seconds and half rest.

Next you need to put your feet on the floor and alternately raise each of them, straightening and pulling the sock over (hold this position for 10 seconds). Repeat the exercise 15 times.

Fitness in the workplace to help sex life

The vaginal muscles also need training, after all, largely depends on the intensity and duration of sexual release. Piquant training can be conducted without attracting the attention of colleagues and leadership. It helps to stretch the muscles of the perineum, as in the stop urination, to count to three and relax them. With each new approach, the pace should be accelerated, to do the exercise without rest. Recommended to start training with ten approaches, gradually increasing their number to fifteen per week. Reaching 30 reps, increase the load should stop. Consultation of the gynecologist confirms the fact that regular exercise made the muscles elastic.

Spending only 20 minutes on a simple and useful exercises, it is possible to prevent problems of the neck, tighten the muscles of the chest, legs and stomach to get rid of the ugly “ears” on the hips, to take care of the beauty of the face and health of view, to pay attention to intimate muscles. Do fitness in the workplace – pay attention to your health!

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