General information on pregnancy

General information.

Lifestyle during pregnancy

You are pregnant! It really is the happiest period in Your life. What needs to change in your life, so as not to harm the baby, and whether you need anything at all to change?

We will try to answer these questions too.

If You follow the advice of your doctor and Your pregnancy is planned, and was not a surprise to You, most likely, in Your life, with its onset to change anything and don’t have to. Because pregnancy – this is a physiological process, and once it was, then Your body was ready. It remains only to help the body to properly adapt to the changes during pregnancy, which are physiological, thereby warning a number of complications.

On account of bad habits – we agreed. If you have enough willpower to abandon them before pregnancy, don’t be tempted during pregnancy, You have now a serious motivation to do this – Your child’s health.

Physical activityand healthy exercises for pregnant women

As for sports, physical activity, dance and travel . You must keep a regular lifestyle. You’re not sick, You’re pregnant! However, the advice of their doctor do not neglect. Only he knows about You and all Your pregnancy and can answer Your questions about stress, travel, etc.

Physical activity should be minimal, You should not get tired, take more rest in the middle of the day, obligatory walk in the fresh air, especially before bedtime.

Do not overload your spouse household chores, distribute homework rationally. The husband, of course, should help You definitely. But there are many things You can do, you’re not sick, you’re pregnant! Rationally active lifestyle – the key to a favorable outcome of pregnancy.

Organization of work and rest during pregnancy

In the presence of harmful factors in production, You put a change of workplace or work schedule upon presentation of a certificate of pregnancy.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Try not to worry.

Get enough rest. Provide a full sleep.

Avoid self, without medical supervision, use of pharmaceuticals.

Regularly visit the doctor.

Regular medical monitoring of the development and course of pregnancy is required and is not a chore, as can sometimes seem. These visits provide an opportunity:

to maintain Your health;

as early as possible to identify possible pathology and to carry out timely treatment;

to save You from unnecessary fears and worries.

Before you go on a long journey in late pregnancy, consult your doctor.

As for sexuality, it is necessary for both You and Your spouse. However, you should refrain from it in the first and last 8 weeks of pregnancy. In the first weeks because you can provoke abortion, and in the latter – premature birth, bleeding in low location of the placenta.

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