Gymnastics for the eyes.

Exercises for the eyes

The first exercises for the conservation of vision were created long before our era. Yoga, creating systems for the whole body, do not forget about our eyes. They knew that for best results you need not only training, but also a good rest.

A large amount of information that we “absorbed” every day, requires our eyes to be almost constant voltage. And, of course, they get tired. Many vision problems occur due to overstrain. Even a man with “unit” a much-needed rest for the eyes. Otherwise, after hard

work can result in symptoms such as dry eyes. redness, blurred distance vision. What can we say about those who have eyesight leaves much to be desired, — in this case, rest your eyes just need. That is why W. H. Bates and his student M. D. Corbett, creating his system of vision improvement, largely relied on this fact.

Exercises and relaxation for the eyes, which will be given below (this yogi complex, and exercises by W. H. Bates, M. D. Corbett), is quite simple and will not take much time. But… the concept is simple and difficult at the sametime. So first try to read the exercise description. If it is written that the movement should be smooth — it’s important. If recommendations are given on how to breathe, pay attention to them. Don’t forget about these “little things” and the exercise and the relaxation will be effective.

First — stay


Sit up straight, relax. Cover your eyes this way: the middle of the palm of the right hand should be in front of the right eye, the same with the left hand. Your palm should rest gently, not with the strength to press them to face. The fingers can be crossed on the forehead, can be placed side by side — as you prefer. Most importantly, that there was “gap”, light transmissive. When you have verified, close your eyelids. The result is that your eyes are closed and, moreover, covered with palms of the hands.

Now place your elbows on the table. The main thing is that the neck and spine were almost on the same straight line. Check that your body was tense, hands, back, and neck should be relaxed. Breathing should be quiet.

Now try to remember something pleasant for you: your holidays at the sea, as you all congratulated happy birthday, starry sky… you Can do this exercise with music. Consciously relax your eyes is very difficult (remember that your heart you cannot control). So no need to try to control my condition — it will only harm the goal, instead, think about something pleasant.

The exercise can be performed at work, arranging short breaks for yourself. Even a 10–15 seconds your eyes can rest a bit. But, of course, it would be better if you select to relax at least a few minutes.

After completion of the exercise (especially if you performed long) gradually open your palms and let your closed eyes adjusting to the light, and only then open them.

“Letter nose”

This exercise is aimed to relax the muscles of your eyes and relaxing your neck. Stress affects eating right eyes (in other words, slowing down the process of blood supply).

The exercise can be performed lying down, and standing, but it is best sitting. Relax. Close your eyes. Imagine that the tip of the nose — it’s a pen that can write (or imagine that the line of the nose continues long pointer pen, — it all depends on how you prefer, as long as you and your eyes are not strained). Now write (or draw) in the air by its handle. Does not matter what. Write letters, the names of cities and countries, a small message to your loved one. Draw a house with a Smoking chimney (like drew as a child), just a circle or a square.

If you want to relax your eyes, sitting on the job, you can imagine that I am not writing with a pen, but the tip of a needle on a pin head. Then your colleagues will not have to ask, what are you doing, because the part of the movement of your head will be practically invisible. Employees will think that you are just sitting with your eyes closed to rest for a while. That is far from the truth. In the same way you can relax your eyes if you return home from work on public transport.

“Through the fingers”

Relaxation the eye can be achieved due to the fact that you are watching, not concentrating on one thing. To relieve eye strain, you are invited to this exercise. It can be performed sitting, lying, standing.

Bend your elbows so that your palms were slightly below eye level. Open the fingers. Make gradual turns his head right and left trying to look through your fingers, into the distance, not at them. Let the eyes wander, not lingering on any one thing. If you do everything correctly, the hands will be “sail” by you, you must feel that they move.

Make three turns alternately with the eyes open and three closed (even closed eyes needs nothing “linger” look. Do exercise 20–30 times, breathe normally, do not strain.

If you are not able to achieve the effect of movement, try to do so. Hold out your index finger. He should “look” up. And your nose has to touch it. Close your eyes and turn the head right and left so that the nose passing of one finger touched it. Without ceasing to turn his head, open your eyes (just don’t concentrate on the finger, look ahead!). You probably see that the finger “moves”.

Morning complex

For those who in the morning it is difficult to open the eyes, this complex will be a real salvation. But if you during the day will be able several times to do palming (at lunchtime — a little longer, every 1–2 hours at least 10–15 seconds) and “write” something nose (at lunchtime and on the way home from work), you will feel that with time your eyes will cease to tire of it, as before. You can do some exercises and at night. Especially if before you go to bed, you watch TV, sit at the computer or reading.

So, back to the morning.

A good stretch practices several times from side to side. Don’t hold your breath. Instead, breathe deeply and calmly.

Several times widely open eyes and mouth.

Hard zazhmurte (6 times), make 12 light blinking.

Do exercise a “nose writing”.

Make eyebrows exercise (see below).

Make through your fingers.

Make palming.

Palming should take about 5 minutes. As much time should take the rest of the complex (6 of the previous exercise).

Eyebrows exercise

In the morning many of us want to say, like Gogol’s View: “Lift my eyelids!”. And over time they become harder and harder. Eyebrows exercise not only will help your eyes to get rid of the pressure of this gravity, but will make you look younger.

Lift your eyebrows as high as possible, this will ensure a feeling that will appear in the upper part of the ears. Your task — to replicate that feeling without raising eyebrows. Of course, to make this not easy for everyone. It is possible that for the first time with raised eyebrows, you will not catch any special feelings. Do not rush, listen to yourself, and you will succeed.

The main complex of yoga for the eyes

This complex yoga recommends to maintain eyesight in good condition. According to yoga, if you do it every morning and evening, starting with his youth, you can retain good vision until old age and not wear glasses.

Before performing complex sit comfortably (well, if you can sit on your heels on the gymnastics Mat, but you can sit on a chair). Straighten your spine. Try to relax all of your muscles (including the muscles of the face), except for those that support your sitting position. Look far ahead of you, if there is a window — look there if there is no — look at the wall. Try to focus on the eyes, but with no strain.

Exercise # 1

Inhaling deeply and slowly (preferably the front) look in between the eyebrows, hold the eyes in this position for a few seconds. Slowly exhaling, return the eye to its original position and close for a few seconds. Over time, gradually (not earlier than 2–3 weeks), the delay in the upper position can be increased (six months to several minutes). Repeat the exercise 10 times.

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