How to breathe while running?


The strength of an athlete and his weight also have some importance, but on how well you can breathe and maintain your breath for a long time, depends how far you will be able to overcome. Of course, partly it’s a matter of willpower, but unprepared and strong-willed athlete will sooner or later give way to its more than prepared companion. In particular, this is manifested in the ultra-distances, stretching more than 50 kilometers, which, if you don’t know how to breathe correctly when Jogging, you to do

simply nothing. But let’s talk more about that.

A bit of biochemistry in the race

This follow-up article, I contribute because many people may doubt that knowing how to breathe correctly when Jogging really is so important. It’s all very simple: when we run, our heart starts to beat a little faster, washing the blood muscles and keep them working. Oxygen is the oxidizer, which is the set of processes in our body, and while running it, therefore requiring more and more and that is why after 5 minutes of running we most want to stop and catch my breath. If we don’t stop, the body tries to take a breath in their hands, whereby we begin to breathe and starts. Alas, that is not the correct type of breathing, which does not allow to fully fill the lungs to provide oxygen to the entire body.

How to breathe when running? Three stages

Frankly, I was surprised how many resources on the Internet there is on this topic. Although, soon my surprise was replaced by disappointment, because what I found in these links? Some of the respiratory system to the designated account, secret techniques of Olympic marathoners, more like a revelation of a sixth grader, just ran my first 3 miles. Fortunately, at the time, back in high school I had a chance to do a bit of athletics and I remember everything that we said our coach.

Part No. 1 . Inhale through the nose. Why so? Air passing through the nasal sinuses, takes the optimal temperature for our lungs, and moistened, making it more saturated. Actually it is very simple, you only need the first couple of minutes to take care of yourself, and then you get used to it and it will be possible not to attract the attention;

Item No. 2 . You should breathe from your abdomen. It is belly to breathe correctly while running, because with such a breath we largely filled with oxygen the diaphragm and not the upper part of the lungs. The diaphragm is not only larger, but also does not interfere with the function of internal organs during filling, while, when breathing chest you significantly interfere with their own cardiac contractions;

Element 3 . Out through the mouth. So, you took a deep breath full of the diaphragm through the nose, and now it is to be exhale. This is done through the rod, a short, sharp force, and then it all repeats again. I must say that in the practices of the East, this type of breathing is called “Fiery breath” or “bellows Breath”, but agree that it really resembles this process.

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