How to choose a treadmill for home treadmill Choice

How to choose a treadmill for home? The choice of the treadmill

Modern metropolis is often unable to offer acceptable conditions for running. Good stadiums not too much, and run along roads and trails is not very convenient. The solution to this situation is to buy a treadmill. A treadmill can improve the condition of the cardiovascular system, increase endurance in General. In addition, training on a treadmill is a good way to lose a few extra pounds. The benefits of running is invaluable. When a person flees to the movement is the whole body. Most comfortable running around at home on a good treadmill. In this article we will talk about how to choose a treadmill for the house . Special attention will be given to

the types, classes, and characteristics of treadmills.

How to choose a treadmill for home?

Types of treadmills

There are two types of treadmills: manual and electric. Before you choose a treadmill, you should decide on what path suits you best.

Motorized treadmill

Tape mechanical treadmill rotates through the efforts of the athlete. The walking belt is moving only in the time of running. Running on such a simulator simulates a natural running. This type of treadmills has distinct advantages and significant disadvantages.

Mechanical treadmill Jet Stream JT-205

Advantages. Motorized treadmill is not equipped with an electric motor, a poet for training does not require a connection to the mains. This allows the use of such equipment in the premises, in which there is no wiring. The weight of this path is small. Practicing on the simulator, the person can arbitrarily vary the speed of movement: slow down to speed up. A small cost.

Disadvantages. Among the drawbacks of this kind of tracks need to allocate the very limited information provided by the simulator. No special work programmes of the treadmill to say, alas, is not necessary. To do on a mechanical treadmill is not recommended for people who have problems with joints, as this simulator due to the lack of motor creates an additional load on the leg joints.

Magnetic treadmills are a type of mechanical tracks. They differ from ordinary tracks smooth rotation of the blade. In other words, focusing on the magnetic simulator, the motion of the tape you will not feel sudden jerks than often guilty of a conventional mechanical Jogging.

Electric treadmills

The treadmill is driven by a motor, not a foot runner. This allows you to remove the load from the joints. Training on these simulators, you can set any speed paintings. The maximum and minimum speed values depend on the engine power. Control panel this type of tracks shows a large amount of data, from the heart rate and workout time and finishing a variety of built-in workout programs. Conventionally, all electric treadmills can be divided into four classes.

Electric treadmill DFC T5052 Orlan

Electric treadmills “Economy class”. The power of the engine of cross-country tracks belonging to this class, does not exceed 1,1 kW. The speed at which moves the canvas, in the range of from 1.5 to 15 km/h. the Size of the walking belt as a rule, is 38-40 cm All machines of this class are operated manually. Treadmills economy class, not designed for continuous operation and are intended for home use.

Electric treadmills “Amateur class”. The power of the engine of the tracks of this class is 1.5 kW. Speed paintings from 1.5 to 16 km/h. The width of belt does not exceed 40-45 cm Simulator Amateur class, as a rule, has a built-in trip computer, performs the registration and control functions. The onboard computer provides the ability to use ready-made exercise programs or create your own. The tilt angle is automatically adjusted. Electric treadmills Amateur class is designed for operation in the home and in gyms with low bandwidth.

Electric treadmills “Hi-End”. Treadmills of this class have brushless or brushed DC motor, whose power is from 1.5 to 2 kW. Speed: 0.8 to 18 km/h. canvas Size: 45-50 cm Treadmills in this class are designed to operate at home, in rehabilitation centers and gyms that do not have large bandwidth.

Professional treadmills functionality is virtually identical to the class Hi-End. The only difference is that this class of paths through complex technical solutions can be used around the clock in large gyms.

Characteristics of electric treadmills

Engine. When choosing a treadmill pay attention to the size of the labor and peak power. Peak power is the maximum that can reach the motor. Operating power is the power that the motor can develop and continuously maintain in the process simulator. It would be good if the motor is equipped with cooling system. This system will allow to reduce the temperature of the motor and associated components during continuous operation. This in turn will help prolong the life of the treadmill.

Treadmill belt. Choosing a treadmill, be sure to pay attention to the size of the canvas. Selection of short blade is fraught with that you failed, can fly off the treadmill. Unnecessarily long cloth, comfortable for running, but it increases the load on the motor, shortening its lifespan. In most sports clubs are operated treadmills, cloth which has the following dimensions: width – 51 cm, length 144 cm In General, this optimal size. It is better to choose a two-layer or three-layer fabric. It will last longer.

Jogging platform (deck). Buying a treadmill, make sure that the thickness of the platform, which moves on the treadmill, was at least two inches. If possible, select a treadmill that has a bilateral cross-country platform. If you wear out one side, flip over and use the second side, thereby increasing the life of the platform twice.

Automatic lubrication system platform. The presence or absence of this system has almost no effect on the cost of the simulator. But this system will save you from unpleasant procedures lubrication own hands, you need to spend each month.

Cushioning system. The cushioning system is available on all electric models of treadmills. However before buying the track, it is useful to test it. Walk and jog along the path. The surface quality of the treadmill must be firm, stable and durable. The coating should be soft, like a sponge, because such coverage is not only dangerous for the knees, but rather wears out quickly. However, no better than an overly hard surface, running which is comparable to Jogging on solid asphalt.

The angle of the blade. The load on the simulator is modified not only by increasing or decreasing the speed of movement, and with different angles of incline. In simpler models, the angles have to be changed manually. In a more functional treadmills angle of incline can be adjusted on the control panel.

Article prepared Malevanny Basil.

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