How to choose physical activity for weight loss


Proper nutrition is good, but for effective weight loss necessary physical activity. But do not give myself a vow to start running tomorrow, or every day to download the press 100 times. The choice of physical activity for weight loss is a difficult matter, to come to a decision which should be made deliberately. Because only the correctly chosen exercises will help you to achieve the best weight loss results.

Tense debate about what exercises help you effectively lose weight. intense or prolonged moderate? And maybe it is better to choose weight training for

weight loss? Definitely you can give only one answer: all physical activity promote weight loss, because any movement leads to an inevitable waste of calories. At the beginning of any workout as fuel is burned off glycogen (in other words, carbohydrate). At the same time in small amounts burn fat and proteins. As the burning of glycogen cells begin to restore its reserves. If they do not have time to do that, the body begins to produce energy from fat. And though this same mechanism when performing any form of exercise, the rate at which it burns fat. all types of physical activity of varying.

For example, intense exercise such as sprinting, Cycling, dancing. During such exercises, the body begins to burn more fat than carbohydrates within 15 to 20 minutes after you start exercising. However, along with the fat burning and increases the burning of muscle mass. In addition, intense physical activities need to be careful when losing weight. They require more consumption of calories spent to restore stocks. Therefore, many inspired by intense training, often begin to overeat, saying that nothing from the extra piece is not going to happen, I’m so much calories spent!

At moderate exercise (walking, Jogging, slow Cycling or stationary bike) fat will begin to occur only after 3 hours of nonstop training. Such prolonged stress will positively affect not only the shape but also on your overall health. However, in the modern rhythm of life not everyone can every day to allocate 3 hours for a walk or easy jog.

Weight training for weight loss are also useful. They burn fat and accelerate metabolism, keeping it still for 15 hours after the workout. But such training will inevitably entail the increase of muscle mass, so weight loss using weight training to achieve will not be able to place the fat will come bulging muscles.

There is this kind of physical activity for weight loss as interval training . Its essence lies in the alternation of intense and moderate exercise. In interval training you do not burn muscle mass, but excellent consumes carbohydrates and fats. By the way, the fats are processed within 6 hours after the load.

Physical activity for weight loss everyone chooses for himself. This choice depends on the availability of free time, health and sports preferences and the goals you set for yourself when slimming down.

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