How to force yourself to exercise?

Surely each of us when we wondered how to get yourself to exercise . quit drinking, Smoking and change your life radically, as usual, with the nearest Monday. But there’s always something interfered with our plans into reality.

To be healthy and live a long life, constant need their own efforts, which are impossible to replace. The value of these efforts depends on how

important the goal. Health as an important goal begins to speak, when it comes to illness and when death becomes a reality. Then everything else becomes secondary.

We cannot rely on medicine. She, of course, some treats, but not able to make a person healthy! Your health — it is your personal responsibility! In most diseases of our fault. Most often we suffer from laziness and foolishness. We underestimate the crucial role of physical activity and not using it, although it contributes to the activation of internal reserves of the body and mobilizing the natural defenses. It is laziness and immobility lead to senility and accelerate the onset of old age .

Of course, the sport does not give absolute protection against all diseases, but greatly reduces the risk factor for diseases and helps to cure many ailments. I can say that based on their experience. First, constant physical activity helped me to lose weight. The sport itself, directly, fats are certainly not breaks down, but it helps burns calories that come from food, forcing the body to consume back fat. Not to engage in physical activity — the same that to overeat. Physical activity I was able to get rid of serious diseases, which are explained in detail in article «About the author». namely, from peptic ulcer disease and the serious consequences of two severe concussions with partial memory loss (retrograde amnesia). Many diseases, including the above, to a great extent associated with impaired circulation. Sport can help to restore normal blood flow to all internal organs without exception. If I had to imagine that I can eat a couple of cloves of garlic or a salad with onions without bad consequences for himself, but now I freely eat, without limitation, any spicy food, and any spices that I love very much. If after the concussion I did not recognize many familiar people, due to memory loss, now I have a wonderful memory and I can spend hours reading poetry out loud. Isn’t it can serve as an example and be a motivation for sports for others?

No momentary pleasure can not be compared with pleasure that a full life without illnesses! But to experience this joy of just being healthy.

If you are going to live a long time . to be healthy and active and feeling the joy from life, start with goal setting. For those who don’t know where to go, there is no tailwind. As long as you have health — you have everything! People ruining health . earning money and then are ready to pay any money to recover it. Taking care of your physical condition — the primary task in life! When a person says that he has no time — so he’s got better things to do! Ask yourself the question — do you have better things to do than your health?

Offer several ways to force yourself to do sports .

1. Pick up a sport that you like and for which you have no contraindications. I would not recommend running for people full and having problems with the joints of the lower body. When running the legs off the ground, and landing there is a big impact stress on the joints, destroying them. The more a person’s weight, the higher the load on the joints. I love to swim. I swim a lot and tasteful. An hour swim (2.5 km Swim and nice and helpful, because it gives the load of almost all the muscles in the body and simultaneously performs the jets.

a) you will need comfortable athletic clothing and shoes. Convenient, comfortable and beautiful clothes and shoes alone will give you pleasure. And, spend on nice clothes and shoes and will look nice and less money will remain on the food that the figure would be helpful.

b) lessons were not boring, decorate them listening to your favorite music or audiobooks. Purchase headphones and align the spiritual and physical development!

in) In good company is always more fun to do! If boring to do alone — organize company! And if you become a host, you will involuntarily assume responsibility for attendance! Personally I only hinders. I love to play with concentration alone. Catching up with someone, you become dependent on your partner, and if he did not go to do, and I’m not going. And it is always a bad motivation. A sport, it’s a good excuse to be alone with yourself and give yourself emotional discharge and an opportunity to relax!

g) do Not run immediately after waking up in the morning or late at night. In the early morning the body is still asleep, and later that night he was already asleep. Do not force yourself, get exercise in a comfortable time, day, or late at night. If you’re kicking yourself a couple of times for a run half-awake in the cold or in the rain, you probably will discourage all the hunting to do next.

d) If you do not want to kick yourself for a run or far away and inconvenient to get to the gym or fitness club, or maybe too shy to engage in on people, can buy a pair of gym equipment and exercise at home.

3. Buy a gym membership, fitness club or swimming pool. If you don’t want to throw money away, you have to go to do.

4. See for yourself the standard of beauty of the human body that would like to strive for. For example, I like how complex and how fluid the singer Valery Leontiev. Though in 2014 he was 65 years old. Is this not an example to follow!

5. Improving your appearance will improve your ranking with the opposite sex. To be able to choose, you first need to be of interest. You want to choose from the mass of offers are most attractive in appearance? Just want it and those who will choose you. Dissatisfaction with their appearance — good motive. Improve your appearance — will increase confidence.

6. People tend to be consistent in their behavior. If promised — they need to do. Promise to exercise the maximum number of significant people. It may be loved one, parent, child, boss, friends, etc. you Can send letters to all the friends in social networks, to inform them about its firm decision to start doing sports. Report them on their achievements. A good incentive will be uploading photos as you change your appearance.

7. Incentive to start sports can serve as motivation to be healthy and live long . good health, good mood and prevents depression.

If you’ve never played sports, or decide to start exercising after a long break, then it should be done gradually. Here it is important to avoid at the beginning of the overtraining to avoid unpleasant consequences.

The hard part — this is the beginning. Usually the first two or three months. Who can withstand this period, he usually continues to do.

Gradually physical exercises become a habit, like brushing your teeth — and going to the gym or the pool. Quoting physiologist I. Pavlov: «nothing is more overbearing in the life of the human body than the rhythm. Any function in vegetative features, has a constant tendency to move imposed on her mode». Over time, the question of how to force yourself to exercise will disappear by itself. Feel the taste and will become a useful habit to sports.

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