How to get results on the treadmill

The most effective and proven by millions of people a way to maintain their body in great shape is running. This type of cardio will not only strengthen the muscles of the legs — with the right approach it will allow you to lose weight, improve cardiovascular system and the whole body, increase endurance.

However, you also need to run wisely. A considerable number of people think that in order to lose weight quickly, just a couple times a week to run a couple of laps around the football field, or a 10-15 minute

leisurely walk on the treadmill — and in the mirror you will see a perfect figure, a kind of simple fitness for thick. It is actually much harder and longer. Try to consider the main aspects and nuances that will help You to achieve significant results on the treadmill. Treadmill: for whom and when?

Treadmill — one of the most popular cardio equipment. which is definitely there in the gym on Kashirskoye highway and any other (even if it is just a luxury fitness in Peredelkino. although a small club on the outskirts), and home and, if possible, many would not mind to install it.

The track is the best option for modern man: on the morning run we often lack time, and weather conditions in most localities of the country is far from perfect — winter lasting almost six months, sleet, rain. And some nearby simply no sports fields where it would be comfortable to run in the mornings. But having a treadmill at home, you can indulge in a workout at any time, or to run on it during fitness activities in the gym.

In principle, training on a treadmill will be useful and relevant to every person, without exception — from a young age to old age running was, is, and will be the most effective way to maintain the body in good shape — it is not necessary to run only when the extra pounds start to really hurt and be evident. To run useful and just for General strengthening of his body, the cardiovascular system and leg muscles.

The basic rules of treadmill training

So, You’ve come to the fitness Kashirka the first time, and for the first time in my life want to become on the treadmill. To avoid possible injury (and to get them on the treadmill you can quickly and easily) be aware of the following rules:

1. Run only in a closed and securely “seated” at the foot of the Shoe. No Slippers or sandals in the shoes of workouts very often becomes the cause of various injuries (not only on the track). Choose comfortable and practical shoes, preferably with a special sole designed for running.

2. Don’t forget the warm-up. In principle, exercise on a treadmill with success can replace warm-up — if You’ll start smoothly and slowly, allowing the muscles to warm up, and heart — to get used to the increased pace of work. But in any case it is much healthier and safer, if You pre-warm up, warm up the muscles and stretch the ligaments.

3. Before you start be sure to read the controls, the buttons, way off.

4. Before you begin the lesson, clip on the t-shirt special clothespins on a string, pulling which will instantly stop the track. Now such security features on almost every track. A similar tool safety is necessary in those cases, if You are distracted by something (for example — You have come into a hall called girlfriend) and involuntarily dropped the pace, tired, sprained foot or a muscle in his leg was cramping. Even if You are an experienced athlete who runs for the first year — still use this precaution.

5. In any case, not be already working on the track. You can’t calculate the trajectory of the movement and not to capture the required speed. Be sure to become fixed on the canvas, attach on clothing above clothespins, and only then, with small tempo, turn on the track.

6. Always try to run down the center of the canvas.

7. Stop smoothly (if there are no serious reasons, requires an immediate shutdown of the simulator), gradually dropping the pace and making small excerpts. If You ran at a speed of 8 kilometers per hour, and suddenly stops, the body gets serious stress. Of course, it’s not fatal, but pleasant sensations also can not be expected.

8. Do not be distracted! Not so rare to see such a picture: a person is engaged on a treadmill while talking on the phone. However great was the incoming call, the conversation can distract You and cause injury. If You urgently need to talk or stop running and stand up from the track, or, at least, reset the speed to low and try to end the conversation as quickly as possible. The same rule applies not only to phone calls — on the run should not turn his head from side to side, to untangle the headphones from an mp3 player or to drink water.

9. Not ovisuite on the handles without the need (unless You stumbled and fatigue. Better reset the pace and a few minutes walk.

In principle, all of the above rules You should clarify personal fitness trainer. which is necessarily present in the hall during training and which must be suitable to the person who first gets on the treadmill. But once again they are still useful.

How to achieve results from their training on a treadmill?

Basically the purpose of training on a treadmill is freedom from of excess fat, which is especially important now — in late winter. This will help sports nutrition the fitness bar. To ensure that Your training was not in vain and not “for show”, please follow the following rules:

1. Study regularly. If You a couple times a month, “the mood” or in company with a friend visited the gym or pool on Kashirke and 15-20 minutes to run there on the treadmill — it is foolish to expect any positive results. Make a clear schedule of classes, and never follow him.

2. Study often. Losing extra pounds is no easy task, and the more You practice — the faster you reach the goal. To attend the gym 2-3 times a week after work — this is sufficient to keep the body in good shape. Weight loss is another principle: the more often the better. By itself, should not over-load your own body and to train through fatigue and pain.

3. Go for a long time. The process of burning body fat starts in about half an hour intense workout — so to run less not very efficient. If you do not survive beyond one approach is to run half an hour without a break — break running on several approaches for 10-15 minutes, between which do not sit idle: rock press, jump rope and so on.

4. Go at a different pace. On each treadmill you can set a different tempo. Periodically change it: for example, to start with 2-3 minutes walk (4-5 miles per hour), warming up the muscles and “dispersing” the heart, then increase the speed a couple of miles, then jog at a fast pace for a few minutes, then reset the speed a little, giving a little breather. Such changes make the workout much more effective than just Jogging at the same pace.

5. Change the inclination of the track. The reason is the same as in the last paragraph — these changes increase the efficiency of training. On most tracks you can change the angle of the blade: You may like to run uphill, or Vice versa — with her.

6. Do not chase speed. The essence of the lesson is a constant load on Your muscles and heart. Even if You will be running slowly, the effect will still be.

7. Watch your breathing. It should be uniform and deep.

8. Not to follow every second of the classes (which makes training more difficult in the psychological sense) and not be distracted by other factors — take a player with you and listen to rhythmic and cheerful music.

9. Don’t forget about other types of loads. In addition to the fitness room You can book, for example, in the pool in Solntsevo or in the section of martial arts. This will give your body loads of different types, not allowing him to get used to the same activity.

10. Drink when You want.

Contraindications to training

Like any other physical activity, training on a treadmill have their limitations. You’d better choose another type of workout, if:

1. You have serious problems with the cardiovascular system is running seriously load it.

2. Do You have any disease, or otherwise associated with the legs: a recent fracture or dislocation, varicose veins, arthritis, problems with the knee joint or the ankle, severe flat feet.

3. If You feel severe fatigue, weakness or hunger — better yourself extra rest day and skip the workout.

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