How to make Breasts firmer and toned

How to make breast elastic

The most beautiful girl in the eyes! But for some reason all of the fair sex don’t get hung up on them, and on my chest. Absolutely everyone wants the chest was beautiful, elevated and definitely firmer, but the desire is not enough and sometimes you have to put a lot of effort to achieve the desired result. This is what we will discuss in this article.

Girls with big Breasts are more difficult to maintain the elasticity and the form given by nature, but not so difficult as it seems and you need to use all possible ways to hold your breast in perfect shape, and believe

me, a lot.


Get yourself in the habit of starting the morning with charging, namely those exercises that develop the chest muscles. Circular movements of the hands, you warm up the chest muscles and then can move on to more complex physical activities. For starters, you can do twenty circular motion three times a day, for 5 days. During this time your body will get used to the work and activity

After a week of charging can move on to push-UPS . Not everyone can do push-UPS, so you can take along the window sill, it will serve as a support for you. In this exercise, the most important thing, as are the hands. Palm needs to lie firmly on the surface, and the elbow is perpendicular to the sill. Once you start to do exercises, you will feel how tense your chest muscles. Over time they will grow, respectively, the chest will rise up and acquire a more rounded shape. To make the Breasts firmer, will also help exercises with dumbbells.

There is one good exercise for strengthening the chest, which you can do absolutely anytime, at your convenience. Put your palms together at chest level, as shown in the picture and tightly squeeze them as you can, while fixing the position for 3-5 seconds. This exercise is good because it can be used almost anywhere: while watching TV or when taking a shower. The result is important, and he always will be.

Breast firmness and proper nutrition

Lovely girl, if you want your Breasts for as long as possible seductive and beautiful, you will not only physical exercise for your chest, but also proper nutrition. To hold your breast in perfect shape, you need to include in your diet fruits bright orange and red hues, for example: apples. carrots. oranges, etc.

The female breast consists mainly of fat tissue, which is after delivery and breastfeeding is not restored, therefore, we must contribute to this. You need to use in food products such as peas, lentils, olives, and dairy food. In these products contain natural oils that will not harm your body.

How ultraviolet light affects the elasticity of the breast

Summer girls like to wear as little clothing as possible, instead of turtlenecks and tunics are replaced by tiny bikinis and tiny tops, but in vain. Under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, the structure of the breast skin deteriorates, the top layer epidermis being depleted and Breasts age faster, but if not enough moisture, and elasticity irreversibly disappears.

To keep the Breasts in the hot summer days, don’t show their Breasts burning sun rays, it is desirable to make for the beach. If really hot, then cover yourself with a silk scarf or pareo. From the heat it will not save, but from ultraviolet radiation you hide, and hence keep your Breasts in great shape.

Don’t forget about the “right” bra should support your Breasts and not to pull or squeeze. To do this, carefully select a thing by its size, otherwise you face negative consequences, which is also not so easy to fight.

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How to make Breasts firmer and toned
How to make breast elastic The most beautiful girl in the eyes! But for some reason all of the fair sex don't get hung up on them, and on my…

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