Breathing exercises

Gymnastics was originally intended to restore the voices of the singers. The basics of gymnastics was laid by Alexander Severova Strelnikova. Her daughter Alexandra Nikolaevna Strelnikova continued the work of the mother and in 1972 received a copyright certificate for “Method of treatment of diseases associated with loss of voice”. At some point was seen overall health benefits of gymnastics. To perform the Strelnikova exercises began to recommend and catarrhal diseases of the upper respiratory tract and other diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Many famous actors and singers, successful speakers do exercises breathing exercises

Strelnikova as daily, to maintain the overall tone and before going on stage to raise up the energy of his speech. Seen the positive effect of gymnastics for the treatment of stuttering and nervousness. Exercises relieves fatigue, removes from the state of depression and increases sexual activity. Continue reading

Return to sport after injury
For athletes, the injured, the main problem becomes a speedy recovery and a return to the classroom. The solution of this question looks hard, because every athlete has their physical…

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The effect of strength training on the immune system
Counters The effect of exercise on the immune system. There is a perception that fitness classes, gym sessions strengthen the immune system, promote disease prevention, help sick less often. But…

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Respiratory gimnastika
Let's help our member! • Breathing exercises Breathe properly — the guarantee of health At birth a person is laid proper breathing mechanism, which is gradually lost, which leads to…

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