Nordic walking for weight loss

We have this kind of walk appeared relatively recently, and in the West it has become popular 70 years ago. Nordic walking for weight loss provides excellent results. Any equipment you need for training, how often should I have?

Helpful information

Nordic walking appeared from the Finnish skier Juha, Mieto. He has offered to provide training not only in winter but in summer. Athletes who

practiced this kind of exercise, achieved better results in competitions. Over time it was noticed that Nordic walking actively burns fat.

This type of physical activity virtually no contraindications (however, pass an examination and get a doctor’s permission still stands). Nordic walking is suitable for pregnant women, and those who have severe excess weight – load on the joints in this case is not so great as when running or walking. You can train in the presenceof scoliosis and problems with the cardiovascular system. To do this kind of walk is recommended at any age – in the West the average age of athletes is 30-60 years. Walking is good because it is not forced to do the full program – the rate of movement does not matter. If you are tired, and you need to slow down, to relax, to perform stretching exercises. Nordic walking develops endurance, improves coordination. Workouts are beneficial to cardiovascular system, improve the productivity of the lungs.

Thanks to the simultaneous movement of the arms and legs increases the energy consumption for 18-21% compared to normal walking. Fat burning occurs due to blood oxygen saturation and measured through muscle work. Exercise develops the muscles of the legs, arms, body and waist.

The details of training

Nordic walking in our country are mostly enthusiasts, United in groups. To find associates will help online. Some fitness clubs also began to offer its customers a similar workout. The instructor helps to develop the proper technique of movements, controls the tempo, making sure that the pulse of the people involved were in the so-called gyrosigma zone. If no to find like-minded people, or to find a paid coach you fail, you can always proceed to independent practice technique will help absorb the lessons.

Initially, training should be no less than half an hour, gradually increasing the length of the class – in the end they should dedicate approximately 1 hour. It is recommended to workout 4-7 times a week. It is permissible to combine loads with other options physical exercise. Walking is outdoors, the route can be run both on smooth and rough terrain. It is important to ensure that the diet was a complete and strict diets are not welcome.

Selection of sports equipment

Need to dress for the weather, sports clothing should be as comfortable as possible. You should choose comfortable sneakers that securely holds the foot. Poles ski kit should not be used – you need to purchase special equipment for Nordic walking — telescopic poles or sticks that have a fixed length. The optimal size of the sticks can be calculated by multiplying your height (cm) by a factor (0.7).

Circuit training

As with any form of physical training, before proceeding to the active phase is to stretch your body. After preparation, you can begin training. It is important to ensure that the knees never fully straightened. Simultaneously with the movement of the right leg goes forward, the left hand and Vice versa when moving forward the left foot goes forward, the right hand. Do not tilt the case or slouch.


Nordic walking for weight loss it is quite a reasonable option load. Regular exercises help to correct shape, however, immediate results can not count.

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