Operation of the elliptical trainer

It is known that physical exercise is one of the most important factors for human health. Classes on the ellipsoid, depending on the goals:

Increase efficiency (increase endurance).

Improve cardiovascular (heart and arteries/veins) and respiratory systems.

Reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

To promote weight loss.

Slow down the physiological aging process.

Increase physiological effects (reduction of stress, increased self-confidence, etc.).

The unique design of elliptical trainer provides a great opportunity to work on your fitness at a high level.

Medical alert and security

The neglect of safety rules may result in traumatic and more serious consequences. You should pay special attention to the following instructions so as not to get in trouble.

Before you start training, you should consult a doctor. The doctor will identify possible contra-indications, will help determine the level of physical fitness, pick up a personalized exercise program appropriate for your age and physical shape.

So, before you start training, be sure to read the instructions, all the information about the security measures and get familiar with the basic features of the simulator.

If during training the athlete feel unwell, weakness, pain in the chest, irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath and discomfort, you should immediately stop the training and seek help from a doctor.

If on the simulator involved children, adults need to watch and be in close proximity to them.

Be careful when exercising. Keep body parts, the ends of the clothes and hair do not fall into the moving parts of the machine. To avoid the risk of falling simulator must be installed on a firm and level surface.

Before each training session is required to ensure the serviceability of the equipment. In identifying any problems, in any case do not use the equipment.

It is recommended to use only accessories and optional accessories that are recommended by the manufacturer.

Following the advice on care and operation can you protect your equipment from damage and permanently extend its lifespan.

The use of the simulator is only possible in the room. You cannot store the equipment in a damp place.

Wipe it with a trainer after each session, as in the movable joints can settle dust and thus interfere with the smooth operation of the equipment. To care you must use the alcohol-based. Other cleaning products may contribute to the emergence of small scratches on the surface of the machine.

Before you perform any cleaning, to reduce the risk of electric shock, turn off the simulator from the power supply.

Don’t forget to regularly check the tightness of threaded connections.

If you have any problems or questions on using the product, please contact technical support service or the shop where you purchased the machine.

How does an elliptical trainer

Elliptical trainers work on the principle of Jogging on skis. Getting up on the platform the athlete pedals in an elliptical path, and simultaneously pushes the levers.

Despite the simple principle of elliptical trainer, classes on it are the most effective, as when training involved the greatest number of muscles. In addition, elliptical trainer thanks to its sleek, cyclical movements, gentle on the joints of the feet and spine.

Elliptical trainer runs smoothly, quietly and provides a variety of exercises. All this is achieved through:

A simple system load changes.

Moving handrails for training all muscle groups.

Stationary handrails for stability of the user.

How to get on the ellipsoid and to go with him

Prepare for sports, wear sports equipment, make sure there is no stiffness in the limbs. Lifting on the machine make sure the pedals are in the lower position, grip with both hands fixed to the handrails of the machine. Next, get your foot on the pedal simulator, then move the other leg up while keeping your balance and start workout. At the end of workout repeat the above sequence in reverse order.

Load change on the simulator

There are two ways to change the load on the machine — mechanical (manual) and electronic. In the first case, the load is controlled by the rotation controller. If the exerciser with electronic regulation load change occurs simple keystrokes on your computer or built-in buttons on the handrails. First workout is recommended with small loads.

The location of the feet on the pedals

The location of the feet directly affects your comfort and convenience during training. However, be aware that the farther to the edge you have the feet, the more vertical movement and workout intensity.

The position of the body during exercise

In this part there are 3 basic body position during exercise to better handle the muscles of the lower body.

Key points:

This position involves all major muscle groups. The body should be positioned vertically, keep your head down.

Position to exercise the muscles of the thigh and calf:

For the load on the gluteus muscles and for stretching the hamstrings grasp a stationary handrail and lean back, taking a position close to the sitting position.

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