Physical activity for health and longevity

Regular exercise is a mandatory condition in order to be healthy and live long . In the Foundation of longevity in the sport is a cornerstone. In addition to proper nutrition, adequate sleep, development of positive thinking and stress resistance. reception of geroprotectors (drugs that protect against aging), healthy lifestyles certainly are required to attend physical activity .

But to say that you must exercise — to say nothing! It’s about the same as to assert that it is necessary to eat. Need to know how to eat properly to be healthy and live long . You also need to have an idea of what the sport will prolong your life, and what harm can or will be useless. Not all sport, that sport is called, and not all types are beneficial to health and longevity . Towns, shooting, Billiards, Golf,Darts — completely useless from the point of view of prolonging life, and weightlifting, powerlifting and armwrestling only hurt. Among the mental sports stand intelligent species — checkers and chess.

It is necessary to understand the mechanisms of action of different types of physical activity. The physiological is the load where there is movement. I mean, usually, when we talk about the need to exercise, we mean aerobic or cardio load, to vigorously circulate the blood, trained cardiac muscle, improved microcirculation, metabolism, oxygen transport, consumed calories… etc.

In the first place obliged to stand aerobic exercise with a certain dosage of time ( normally 1 hour) and the corresponding heart rate (pulse). Remember the main rule — do no harm!

What sports are suitable for such loads? Fit: running, skiing, swimming, tennis, Cycling, all kinds of active games — football, basketball, hockey, etc.

It seems to me that recommending mandatory sports activities, it should also make recommendations about what exactly should be the correct load. And it needs to be integrated. For future longevity, in addition to cardio activities, needed strength training, and flexibility and stretching!

How good and useful was aerobic exercise, but she alone will not give all that is required to maintain the desired shape for active aging !

Power load is required so that the muscles do not kahlili with age. Just run — well, but running around his legs, and arm muscles not receive a proper load . Also, running does not contribute to the development of the flexibility of the spine, and this is necessary because the youth and flexibility — two inseparable concepts.

Here I have been voicing their approach to physical training activities. This is a comprehensive health physical education I use for myself. Namely, a couple times a week I swim. When swimming is the main load on the hands, light work well, have the desired pulse rate. Swim an hour without interruption to normal for my age pace with flips upside down. An hour swim 2.5 km Flips upside down train the flexibility of the spine. I spend half an hour every day at home for classes on the elliptical trainer (called walkers) where involved and the feet and hands and you can monitor your heart rate. Still doing the exercises and strength exercises with a barbell a small weight, about 30-40 kg, and the stretching of the spine.

To physical exercise in order to prolong life have certain requirements. After the age of 40 years should not be anyone to compete and set records. Before us is a completely different task — to ensure physical activity commensurate with age and sufficient for health and longevity . It is impossible to work wear, to work at full capacity. The load should be enjoyable for you. You need to exercise on the heart rate, not exceeding the value calculated according to the formula 200 minus your age (for women — minus 10). If the age of 55, you need to do when the number of heartbeats 200 — 55 = not more than 145 beats per minute. This is the maximum heart rate for fitness training.

Any static load harmful to longevity . Exercise that causes the muscles to breath and without motor activity, — not physiological, and therefore harmful to disrupt the blood flow, increase blood pressure, which leads to rapid wear of the heart. Only useful exercises with this load, you are able to perform at least 20 times and still breathe freely. For example, pushups or classes with weights very little weight.

During physical activity, muscles alternately be reduced, thus helping the heart to pump blood. and removing part of the load.

With age, muscle mass decreases. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain it in strength training dynamic character.

The optimal amount of load is one which ensures the maintenance of muscle mass at the same level.

It is very important to exercise endurance. Endurance training increase the number of stem cells.

In addition to training strength and endurance, it is important to mention training the flexibility of the spine! We are young while we are flexible! Details on how to cope with problems of the spine I was told in the article

Here will only lead complex of simple exercises which if executed daily will allow you to maintain your spine in shape. Their implementation will not take more than 5 minutes a day.

1. Stand in his hands up. Feet shoulder width apart. Without changing the position of hands, performed for 10 tilts to the right, then 10 left and 10 tilts back. The slopes running as deep as you can bend.

2. Without bending the knees, performed 10 tilts forward, trying to touch the floor.

3. Without changing the vertical position and without lifting the feet, (the arms can be bent at the elbows), we perform the spinal twist, turning 10 times right and left, how deep can turn.

And the last type of sports training — it is a sport for the mind, training of brain activity. Checkers and chess are well suited for the development of brain activity, which contributes to the increase in life expectancy. Details about why active intellectual activity promotes longevity . told in my article, «Why smart live longer? Brain activity is the path to longevity».

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