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The benefits and harms of exercise with hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids — it is a disease for successful treatment which is very important is prevention, which includes special exercises, normalizing the tone of the pelvic vessels. Using proper physical exercise hemorrhoids improves circulation prevents stagnation of venous blood and the emergence of hemorrhoids. Furthermore, physical exercise, swimming, running, bodybuilding and workout strengthens the muscles of the abdominal wall and

pelvic floor, improving the result is peristalsis, which is also an excellent prevention of hemorrhoids. Therefore, the answers to the questions can I run with hemorrhoids is compatible diagnosis of hemorrhoids and sport and the like are always in favor of a more active lifestyle. It is important not to have comorbid illnesses.

General guidelines for medical gymnastics

To perform a simple set of exercises, which includes strengthening the muscles of the abdominal wall, buttocks and perineal exercises, there is no need to visit the gym. Enough to spend 10-15 minutes at home or at work, but even these classes can significantly improve blood circulation in the pelvis. However, as sports and gymnastics hemorrhoids can be effective only in cases of their regular run.

In addition, some exercises can hemorrhoids even cause complications. For example, suffering from hemorrhoids should not lift too heavy objects and hold your breath. In periods of tension, it is not recommended for hemorrhoids and Biking, horseback riding, rowing. Falls under the ban and weightlifting but bodybuilding with well-chosen exercises allowed.

Is particularly highlight among valid hemorrhoids such sports, which train the cardiovascular system and, consequently, improve the supply of organs and tissues with oxygen and eliminate peripheral edema. Examples of such loads are active walking, running, skiing, Nordic walking, Jogging, swimming.

Power sports for hemorrhoids

Classes of power sports such as weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and some exercises with lifting weights at home, as a rule, contribute to the progression of hemorrhoids. In this regard, the lifters and the lifters have to stop to do the exercises with hemorrhoids, focusing on its treatment. Associated in most cases with this pathology and bodybuilding.

The fact is that weight lifting and regular muscle tension the abdomen increase intra-abdominal pressure. And tight tight athletic belt, without which it is difficult to imagine weightlifting and bodybuilding enhances the this unwanted hemorrhoids effect.

However, it is absolutely contraindicated bodybuilding in this disease is not always, but only in the later stages and in exacerbations. Qualified specialist in sports medicine can provide recommendations that will enable the athlete or by the instructor to choose exercises that help you to keep fit during the course of treatment. Of course, some exercises will be struck and the remaining exercises have to perform on the individual program. But in the end, the athlete will be much easier to return to active bodybuilding, when pathology he already get rid of. In addition, the athletes body gets used to certain loads, so bodybuilding on the individual program at the time of treatment may be recommended and athletes involved in other power sports.

To completely exclude only those exercises, which are actively working the abdominal muscles, and increased intra-abdominal pressure.

Jogging sports

Jogging improves blood flow in the perianal area and gently trains the abdominal muscles, eliminating in the end, the main factors provoking the development of this pathology. Therefore, Jogging and skiing are ways to prevent it.

However, running has had on the course of hemorrhoids harmful effects, it is necessary to observe several conditions. So, no running with aggravated hemorrhoids. To start with short runs, and they need to start Jogging at a slow pace, gradually increasing the intensity. Useful Jogging sometimes be interrupted for a few minutes and run at this time, exercises physiotherapy.

Also, you cannot finish the jog sharply, the movement speed should be reduced gradually, passing eventually at a quick step.

Of course, Jogging is contraindicated, as with any other load, during exacerbations of the disease, and the presence of complications. In these cases, the increased blood flow to the hemorrhoidal nodes can lead to the development of bleeding.

The complex of preventive exercise

To develop for themselves a complex of simple exercises to prevent hemorrhoids every day by yourself. Some exercises can be done at work or even in the truck, as for others execute them quickly.

Consider some of these exercises:

The patient sits on the chair so that when straightened his back leg was fixed on the floor. Slightly leaning forward, he needs to try to squeeze the anal sphincter 20-50 times in a row.

The patient simply walks around the room, but lifting knees as high as possible. You can complicate this exercise by placing her feet with every step crosswise.

To perform this exercise you must lie on your back and raise the legs so that the angle with the floor was about 45 degrees. You must then raise straight legs to the side, and then to cross them.

Lying on your back you need to pull the arms along the body, then slowly squeeze the gluteus muscles and the anal sphincter, counting to five.

Still lying on your back, you should bend your knees and feet placed on the floor. Then inhale to separate the pelvis from the floor, and exhale to lower back to the floor.

Standing on all fours, alternately bend and arch your back, mimicking the motion of a cat.

Repeat all these exercises need 10-15 times, making them daily.

In the video below offers more details about the first exercise of this complex. It is very simple, but it trains the muscle group that holds the hemorrhoids in their place and prevents them from falling out:

Strongly encourage you to read, exercise effective and recommended to all, both men and women, even after you get rid of hemorrhoids.

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