Physical training and sports activities

The purpose of physical training in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is to ensure the physical fitness of military personnel needed to perform combat and other special tasks in accordance with professional


General objectives of physical preparation of servicemen are:

– harmonious spiritual and physical development of the individual;

– promotion of healthy lifestyle;

– development and maintenance of a sufficient level of physical qualities;

– formation of military-applied physical skills.

Physical training helps to:

– raising the moral and psychological qualities;

– improve the body’s resistance to adverse factors of the military-professional activity and the environment;

– the formation of readiness of the military to endure extreme physical and mental stress during the preparation and the conduct of hostilities.

Physical training is conducted in the following forms:

– training sessions;

morning physical exercise;

– physical exercise in the process of combat training activities.

Each Sergeant shall:

– constantly to improve their physical fitness and to be an example for subordinates;

– to know the physical fitness level of every soldier in all exercises of the training program;

– was able to know the methods of conducting morning physical exercises, physical exercise associated, separate parts of lessons and ways of teaching specific exercise, acceptance (action);

– implement the interconnection of the physical training requirements to military activity;

– to rationalize the use of physical activity throughout the day and week;

– to ensure availability of places for practice for all sections of physical training;

– to comply with the requirements of safety and prevention of injuries in the course of lessons in physical training;

to ensure high motivation of the personnel to the classroom for physical training, sustainable production needs of military personnel in regular physical exercises.

Planning physical training should ensure the implementation of programs of physical training based solutions for training and combat tasks and to allocate a set number of hours for classes in physical training, morning exercises and exercise in the process of combat training activities.

Planning of physical training for military personnel undergoing military service under the conscription is calculated as follows :

– training sessions – 3 hours per week during the school year.

– morning exercises – 30 (50) min. daily, except days off and holidays;

– physical exercise in the process of combat training activities at the discretion of the unit commander.

The main planning document in Rota is the schedule for the week, stating:

– options and content of the morning physical exercises;

– topics and contents of lessons in physical training;

– the content of the associated physical workouts;

– timing and content of athletic performance;

– the time of the conduct, the nature and content of methodical and ostentatious practice with sergeants conscription and contract.

Every soldier is personally responsible for their level of physical fitness, systematically obliged to exercise and be physically fit to perform military duty and duties.

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