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• Breathing exercises

Breathe properly — the guarantee of health

At birth a person is laid proper breathing mechanism, which is gradually lost, which leads to various disorders in the body. The primary reasons of failure of the respiratory system are bad habits and pollution.

A rhythm, frequency, type, depth, and level of breathing, usually

accompanied by not only the disease itself of the respiratory system, diseases of the heart, gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, blood, and metabolism.

How to maintain health through breathing exercises?

Formula proper breathing during normal condition of the body as follows: exhale – inhale – exhale – breath – breath.

Mastering the correct breathing should begin with mastering static breathing exercises.

1. Full breath in the supine position or standing.

To exhale, to make a long breath through the nose. When you inhale, the abdomen protrudes, December and extends the cell. During exhalation decreases the volume of the breast, and then retracts the stomach.

2. Thoracic breathing in the supine, sitting or standing.

To exhale, to make a long breath through the nose. When performing exercises the chest expands and the abdomen is retracted. When you exhale the chest falls down, and the abdomen protrudes.

3. Abdominal breathing in the supine, sitting or standing.

To exhale, to make a long breath through the nose. At this time, the stomach protrudes. When you exhale anterior abdominal wall is retracted.

4. Side breathing in the standing position.

The palm of his left hand to attach to the lateral surface of the chest, closer to the armpit, right hand to lower and exhale. Leaning to the left, put your right hand on the head, making for a deep breath through the nose. Then return to the starting position – exhale through the nose. To change hand position and do the same exercise in the other direction.

Cleansing breath

To clear our lungs from toxic substances will help this kind of gymnastics.

1. Just hold the right nostril with your finger. Smoothly and very quietly inhale for 3 seconds, counting to 6.

2. Pause (10-15 seconds).

3. Release the right nostril and hold the left. Gently exhale for 5-6 seconds through the right nostril.

Repeat from the left nostril. Perform for 5 minutes 4-5 times a day.

Breathing exercises for weight loss

Breathing exercises aimed at weight loss, might compensate for the lack of physical activity. According to researchers, this kind of gymnastics may burn 140% more fat than running or Cycling. Breathing exercises enhance the absorption of nutrients, accelerates the metabolism.

Daily 15-minute breathing exercise for weight loss. On request can be divided into three 5-minute sessions. To perform at any place, as long as all the time to focus on your own breathing.

Step 1. Breath

Make full and quick breath in through your nose, relax your abdominal muscles in order to dial into the lungs so much air as possible.

Step 2. The rise

Hold your breath, tighten your abdominal muscles, pull in and then lift the stomach up as you can. Place hand on the abdomen, to better track and control the movement. Abstain in that position for 10 seconds.

Step 3. Tilt and compression

Do a forward bend and then straighten up. (Your shoulders should be slightly rounded.) Tighten your glutes. Abstain in that position for 10 seconds.

Step 4. Exhale

Exhale with resistance (as if you are blowing through a straw). Keep your head and shoulders relaxed, but don’t relax the abdominal and gluteal muscles until you finish exhaling.

The complex of exercises for children

1. Prevention of diseases of the upper respiratory tract

Objective: to teach children to breathe through the nose, to prepare them to perform more complex breathing exercises.

– Pat the nose (the sides of the nose) from the tip to the bridge of the nose, inhale. On the exhale, knock on the wings of the nose forefinger (5-6 times).

– Make 8-10 breaths through the right nostril, then through the left, take turns closing resting nostril with your index finger.

– Quiet breath through the nose. On the exhale simultaneously with the tap on the wings of the nose to pronounce the sounds “BA-Bo-Boo” and “g-m-m-m”.

– Quickly pull inside the belly of the abdominal muscles, at the same time making a sharp exhale through the nose (3-4 times).

During exhalation wide open mouth and, when possible, to stick your tongue out, trying to tip it to get up to her chin. Without audibly pronounce the sound “Ah” (5-6 times).

2. Health exercises for the throat

“The crow”

The village crow on the fence and decided to entertain everyone with its beautiful song. Up and raises his head to the side will turn off. And croaks so that it is heard everywhere. Children recite slowly the sound of “ka-a-a-AAR” (5-6 times).

“Snake tongue”

To imagine that long forked tongue trying to lean out as far as possible, trying to get up to the chin (6 times).


Sitting comfortably, relax, head down, wide open mouth. Without closing it, to say aloud, “Oh-Ho-Ho-Oh-Oh-Oh”, to miss 5-6 times.

“Merry mourners”

Imitation of crying, loud sobs, followed by sudden, intermittent movements of the shoulders and a noisy breath without exhaling (30-40 sec.).

“A lot”

Got a lot in your mouth, and it is impossible to get rid of it. Eyes narrowed, lips happily parted and I heard “hohotunya” sounds “ha-ha-ha, hee-hee-hee, Gee-Gee-Gee”.

4. Restorative exercises for preschoolers

Exercises from a standing position.

“The woodcutter”

I. p. – stand straight with legs wide apart, hands raised above his head, fingers interlocked. To nakloniatsa forward, dropping his hands between his legs and say to the breath: “B-a-a-x-x! B-a-a-h-h!”

“Geese hiss”

I. p. – stand straight, feet apart, feet parallel, hands behind his back. Lean forward, looking forward, craned to say: “sh-sh-sh-sh”. To return to I. p. – breath.

“Play the trumpet”

I. p. – stand straight, feet together, arms bent in front of him, as if holding the pipe. Make small movements with your fingers, imitating the button-pushing, and with the breath to say: “Tu! Tu! Tu!”.

“Grow big”

I. p. – stand straight, feet together, hands down. Raise your hands, pull, climb socks – breath, let go down, to descend on all foot – exhale, saying: “At-x-x-x”.

“Frog jumps”

I. p. – stand straight, feet together, hands on his belt. Inhale, and then to make a leap forward with a simultaneous exhale and say: “KVA-AK”.


I. p. – stand straight, feet Sirena shoulders, hands along a trunk. Inhale, then, tilting the torso to the side, exhale, long saying: “C-C-C-C”. With one hand to slip down the leg, the other raised to the underarm. Return to I. p. – breath. Repeat in the other direction.

It is worth to mention the famous, patented techniques.

There is a famous breathing exercises A. N. Strelnikova. at the core of which lies the way to restore the singing voice. The gist of it is that the breath comes amid tension in the muscles at different levels of the chest and abdomen by movements of the body,

breath is very short and active, exhale completely passive. This exercise technique gives good results in many diseases: bronchial asthma, chronic pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, heart failure, etc.

Breathing exercises Buteyko is intended for the treatment of lung disease with asthmatic component: a gradual decrease in the depth of breathing, the length of the inhale in 2 and more times, breath holding time after exhalation until you feel the lack of air and the permanent preservation of this feeling throughout the workout.

Universal gymnastics Dr. Davydov stimulates the organs of the chest, abdomen and pelvis. Is only possible in a stable condition, with a comfortable feel. Reading is the total organism.

Breathing exercises — a great many. It is necessary to consider that an abrupt change of the respiratory system leads the body to stress. Therefore, before starting the exercise program, consult your physician. Do breathing exercises, like any other, has contraindications.

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