Return to sport after injury

For athletes, the injured, the main problem becomes a speedy recovery and a return to the classroom. The solution of this question looks hard, because every athlete has their physical characteristics, and each injury has individual character.

Too early return to sport can lead to re-injury and increase the risk of chronic health problems, and this in turn will require a more lengthy recovery. However, too long a break can have a negative impact on the form of the athlete and affect its performance. Maintaining physical fitness is

not only reduce the risk of injury, but will quickly return to action after injuries.

How to speed up recovery after injury:

Maintain a good physical shape all year round.

Pay attentionto early signs of injury and “warnings” from my body.

Injuries treatment begin as soon as they appear.

Stay in shape during the treatment.

Keep it positive.

The phases of recovery

During the first, the so-called “acute” phase of recovery needed a good rest and fresh air. Limit their physical activity, always give your body time to rest. Depending on the severity of the injury, may need medical assistance, bandaging, physical therapy and strengthening exercises.

When the injury starts to heal, try to keep fit, if possible. Try to do other kinds of workouts. Appropriate will be running, swimming, Cycling, rowing, strength training for healthy muscles.

Fully restore range of motion and strength in your workouts better only on doctor’s advice. During exercise, avoid movements that cause discomfort or pain. After you get back strength and flexibility, you can start to exercise with a load of about 50-70% of your normal. During this recovery phase additionally train your agility, speed and balance.

Conditions for safe return to sport:

You can’t feel pain.

You have no swelling.

The range of motion returned to his former (when injury of the limbs compare the range of motion of healthy and wounded hands/feet).

You completely regained his strength (at least 90% from the previous indicators).

You can carry weight, not lame (in the case of leg injuries).

Throws and pushes you easily without pain (in the case of injuries of the torso and arms).

Remember that even with 100% recovery you may lack in strength, agility and endurance. During class, be especially attentive to the injured part of the body for several months.

The above described only the basic principles. Because each individual organism, try to follow the advice of your doctor.

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