School of Dietetics

The training regime and adapted to it diet, is the key to success!

Proper diet and exercise are inseparable next to each other. Many people

think you can only use one component of the equation to achieve the effect, increasing the maximum emphasis on either nutrition or exercise. But actually it is not. Solving only half of the equation, you will not be able to give your body the full achievement of all necessary.

Therefore, it will be really great, if you correctly will compose a customized nutrition program (fitness diet) to the correct program (mode) workouts, or simultaneously will make universal compatible single nutrition program and workouts. Often, preparation of authentic ratnabali programs simply does not lead to the desired result. Features of the training require special treatment and nutrition. The concept of “TIMING” in fitness and sport defines the time given meals depending on workout schedule – morning, afternoon or evening.


The absence or incorrect meals painfully reflected in many ways, ranging from not effect the exercise, ending with the exhaustion and trauma injuries. Even if you just want to look good on the street, remember that there are some aspects of your health that can be improved only by connecting proper balanced diet into your routine.

Take the blood sugar, for example. Do you think it possible at the expense of a certain number of pushups or duration of running to balance the level of sugar in blood? Yes, this way you can help the body, but it will not be still completely corrected, if you will consume too much sugar and carbohydrates.

Food wrong in qualitative and quantitative aspect can cause damage to the heart, change the functioning of the digestive tract and affect the work of many bodies in many ways. Poor nutrition also leads to very low levels of energy supply to the body, especially when different types of training. Although exercise is used to directly counteract bad eating habits, it is still difficult to decide to find motivation to physical activity at “zero level” of energy during operation.

If you watch athletes who are going to run a marathon, you will notice that they include in most diet carbohydrates and healthy foods. You will never see any reasonable athletes eating fatty foods before performing physical activity. It would be madness for them. Is still, pour diesel fuel in a car that runs on gas, and then expect superb filigree driving on rough terrain. Wrong kind of “fuel” will only lead to rapid failure of your car. Your body needs the right kind of energy and nutrients in order for you to implement the planned action.

This does not mean that if you are not in shape, you should never begin to engage in fitness or sports. You need to focus on proper diet and exercise at the same time. Some elements of your diet can be done incrementally, but not these two “healthy figure”. Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand, without any exceptions. If you are going to run out for the first time in many years, don’t do it before the race itself “double bacon cheeseburger”, which causes laziness and lack of motivation. Instead, boot the good carbs and protein from foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, lean ham, white chicken meat and others.

The important point is the distribution of diets for periods of time during the day depending on the type, purpose, intensity, duration and time of training. Diet for a person who is engaged in the morning with the purpose of burning fat and 40 minutes of easy Jogging, will differ from the same person who wants to burn fat in a hall at the expense of intensive exercise with weights for 1 hour. Therefore, to achieve rapid results, it is necessary to monitor simultaneously to your workout program and diet, strictly adapted under it, as well as their changes.

In addition, when compiling programs weight exercise for beginners, you need to understand some basic principles:

– the weight of the weights should be chosen in such a way (approximately 75% of the maximum weight) to be able without much effort to overcome the recommended number of repetitions (usually 8-12 times). When considering the calf muscles, forearms, neck, abdomen, the number of repetitions can be increased up to 20 times.

– in the first year of classes is not recommended to train more often 3 times a week.

within the first 3-4 months approach, using in the first lightweight scales of the projectile (the first warm-up approach).

– become stronger, the student must have a heavier projectiles, but not too, and so that he could always perform the recommended number of repetitions without distortion technique of the movements.

– after a few months of regular practice you can do more than three sets for each exercise. The greatest pains are on the 3-4th approach, using the stepwise method of increasing the weight of the projectile.

– every exercise you need to perform a full range of motion. Breathe the way it’s most convenient for you. Very useful rhythmic breathing where the breath is in point of least stress, and exhale during the execution of the movement or at the end of it. Between the repetition make a short pause, with intermediate breath.

– spend enough time recovery (sleep and nutrition), as the strength and muscle mass increases in the recovery period.

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