The basic principles of running performance

Running is undoubtedly the easiest and most affordable way to recovery. Unfortunately, the apparent simplicity of cross-country training for many leads to disappointment, and often the health problems. All the matter in ignorance of the basic principles of training.

The principles of running performance

Whether you are an absolute beginner in running, an advanced Amateur or already consider themselves to be athletes, you need a clear understanding

of the fact that each of your jog is a big part of the training process. And no matter what goal you pursue to lose weight, improve cardiovascular system, or run in the near future marathon. The basic principles of running performance, you must know everyone who is waiting for the run of positive results.

Five basic principles of running performance

Runners-lovers often train without any system, and bring themselves to exhaustion, and often to overtraining and cross-country injuries. The result is sad – a great number of those who starts Jogging, throwing workout less than 3 months.

To prevent this from happening to you, you need to remember and implement in their practice the simple principles of running performance. There are five of them:






What refer to these definitions?


Jogging will not tolerate cominotti and the short-term nature. It is impossible to run once a week on my mood, and to expect from his incredible body changes.

From the point of view of the training process infinitely more useful and better to run three times a week for 40-60 minutes than once a month with their incredible efforts “to otmachine” 30-40 miles and checked off the list that you have successfully practiced.

This scheme of training has no effect, and the likely impact of the changes for the worse – after infrequent, but intense workouts the body needs more time to recover, progress will be very small.

Much more useful to build your schedule so that Jogging became a regularly – 2-3 times a week. It is 100% the way slowly but surely to “rock” your body in the future to achieve your goals.


Sports gambling is a good thing. But only for competitions. In the process of preparation is much more important to include a cool head and follow the principle of gradualism.

Do not just break into a difficult Jogging exercises, to try to disperse your max heart rate, increase PANO, and generally to learn everything at once. Start with simple skills – proper technique of setting foot, respiration, body position. Learn to run on the recovery pulse, to feel my body. And only after the development of the bridgehead, you can proceed to more advanced cross-country training programs.

Add gradually load – for example, volume is desirable to increase mileage per week not more than 10%, otherwise the body will be negatively perceive a sharp increase of the running load, resulting in injury or fatigue.


Understand one simple idea: excessive force – this destruction! Dosing the load, don’t forget about the previous principles – continuity and regularity, and exercise moderation. And if in your mind flashed a crazy idea for your next workout to test his strength, or with devastating score to beat your previous personal (or PAL) record immediately chase it away!

Athletic feats that cause the rapture is not an effort of the will, as it may seem. More precisely, not only it. It is the result of many years of training, that is why such advances are not threatening athletes with catastrophic health problems. Otherwise your bold breakthrough may be the last thing you will do in the race.

Just remember how in 1959 in pursuit of victory in the match USSR-USA Hubert Parnachev so tired themselves that finished in an unconscious state. To restore health failed. His career was interrupted on takeoff.

Listen to your body. If your training is intense training, but you do not feel the strength – abstain in favor of the usual daily maintenance runs.

If before the start, we must make “the last major cross-country work, and the body against throw away all of my head and just relax, because it is better to start relaxed than to exhaust myself of this “last” run in favor of the plan.


For any athlete – Amateur or professional – a very important skill to manage your workouts and to adapt them to the current state and health.

On earth there are no two identical organisms and, therefore, no training plan, perfect for everyone. Otherwise everyone who is training under the program of any champion, immediately would become a champion himself.

Any training plan should be taken as a basis, but be sure to personalize it for themselves, under their original state, General physical shape.


Our body has an amazing ability to adapt to physical training. So if you really want to achieve results, play such parameters as time, speed, recovery period. Change the program and running routes, add new exercises, classes and other sports.

The more diverse will be the training program, the more significant will be the increase in your running form.

Do not forget that the basic principles of running performance is the Foundation on which every athlete can build your plan, leading it to new heights and successes. Do not neglect them, and your life in the sport will be long and successful.

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