The development of endurance

The development of endurance

Training × 10 May 2011

Endurance – this is the ability of a person to do any hard work for a long period of time.

How to develop endurance

Endurance is a good thing, and sometimes even necessary. Endurance is needed boxers, tennis players, military officers, security officers, etc. Often

even in ordinary life there are situations when the presence of endurance can play a decisive role, even when the person is resting. For example, today’s popular ski vacation requires the constant work of the body. But if the descent distance is lengthened, increasing not only the load, but is constantly changing its intensity, which requires additional resources endurance.

Hardy can be defined even in appearance. Usually it fit, portly man, with no excess weight, well muscled. The nature of the movements of the hardy person is usually quick, accurate and decisive.

Due to the development of endurance in the body changes occur that enhance the quality and elasticity of muscles and tendons. Under the influence of endurance training there is a change in functioning, practical of each organ in the body, including the nervous system.

Endurance allows you to alternate the muscle tension followed by relaxation at maximum operation. Thanks to the workout, each body gains the ability to operate in emergency mode for a long time.

Endurance training there is a change in the composition of the blood. Ie appears more red blood cells, which contributes to increased security organs with oxygen. Improves respiratory muscles, increases lung capacity and strengthens the heart muscle.

Endurance training aims to strengthen and prepare the body to prolonged stress.

Endurance maintains the health and vigor, and sometimes even life.

How to train your stamina and get all these advantages

First of all, it should be noted that the main enemy stamina is fatigue. Endurance is achieved by systematic, regular exercise. In each workout you need to reach the maximum permissible level of fatigue. Just work on improving the level of fatigue will increase endurance. If feeling sorry for myself and can afford to relax, improve endurance will not work.

Each person is able to pass for some distance on foot, but the walk is not well suited for endurance training. Need to increase the speed of walking and running. Running at a good pace helps develop endurance.

It must also be understood that hypernephroma can play a cruel joke. Excessive fatigue can lead to poor performance. Therefore, endurance training should be approached thoughtfully and carefully. Also an important point in endurance training is rehabilitation. After a grueling training must give your body enough resources for recovery.

Key to the workout is to achieve a physiologically acceptable degree of fatigue with subsequent gradual increase of loads. Endurance is developed only by systematic, regular exercise. Irregular workouts to increase strength, can not .

Increasing loads can be achieved due to the quality of the exercises, change the rhythm and intensity of execution. I.e. when endurance training is necessary to bring the athlete to a level at which conscious mental effort to perform the exercise at extreme fatigue.

For example, if we are talking about running, then you need to run the maximum possible distance, and then a conscious effort of will to force myself to continue running. It was at this point endurance training in the best way. This applies to any sets of exercises.

Also endurance is well trained and when changing pace and nature of the load of the never-ending movement. For example, the cross-country running is much more effective than running on a treadmill.

Combining Jogging with other types of exercises it is possible to achieve a substantial increase in universal endurance. I.e. to combine Jogging at a good pace with push-UPS, sit-UPS, somersaults, imitation shock equipment, etc.

Very well develop endurance running, swimming, skiing. But this one-sided endurance. And here is a comprehensive (universal) endurance best develop sports like hand-to-hand combat. It is in these sports combined load constant movement with sudden changes of pace and a quick change of points of application of loads.

In the gym can also increase your endurance. Structure the development of endurance is maintained. Necessary to reduce the weight in the exercises and increase the number of repetitions.

Thus it appears that to increase strength in almost any occupation, you need multiple, systematic, exercises that are conducted at a good pace on the fatigue limit. The combination of correct training plan with adequate resources to recover will allow to achieve significant results in increasing endurance.

Exercise, develop endurance and can withstand any pace of life!

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