The effect of strength training on the immune system


The effect of exercise on the immune system.

There is a perception that fitness classes, gym sessions strengthen the immune system, promote disease prevention, help sick less often. But is it really? Why, then, on the contrary, many often start to ache after you buy the card in a fitness club? In this issue we are today and we will investigate. To do this we will get acquainted first with the immune system, its functions, then look at the reasons for the weakening of immunity in fitness training, and in conclusion, the article will give recommendations

as to train so the immune system is really improved their capabilities.

The immune system and its symptoms.

The term “immunity” refers to the notion. historically closely associated with the resistance of the organism to infectious diseases.

The immune system performs functions: oversight of genetic constancy of the internal environment of an organism; the recognition, destruction and excretion as alien intruders from the outside, and formed inside. However, immunity does not only protect the body from infections, but also recognition their own dying, damaged and genetically modified tissues.

The suppression of immunity (immunodeficiency) leads to a weakening of the response to the invasion of foreign micro-and macro-organisms. and also on your own altered cells. This is reflected in the susceptibility to infections, increased the frequency of their occurrence: severity, duration, prolonged their period, and also chronic diseases.

The concept of immunosuppression is a key for us, as we consider how exercise can depress the immune system and how to exercise to prevent this from happening.

Causes of weakened immunity among fitness enthusiasts.

In modern scientific literature (Gavrilova E. A.) divided the causes of the weakening of the immune system to exogenous and endogenous(dependent of external factors and depending on the condition of the body).

Exogenous causes include:

3)chronic infection



Let us examine now in order these two groups of factors. Let’s start with the exogenous. These are the factors directly related to the training. The condition of immunity depends on the amount and intensity of physical activity. When under load the functional state of an athlete’s body immunity is not falling, and even improve its backup capabilities. If the load does not match the capabilities of the person, then comes the fatigue and overtraining, weakens the immune system. the person starts to get sick often. Here I think it is important to say that in the event of exhaustion of the immune system during overtraining (detection and identification of overtraining to watch my article “the Overtraining in endurance sports”) it. according to recent research (V. A. Levando), not recovering on their own. The rehabilitation physician immunologist with the use of special drugs. Prior to the restoration of immunity, you can not fully train ,as it is involved in adaptation of the organism to physical stress and increase fitness.

With regard to competitive stress, it is not included in the theme of our article and review it we will not. All the necessary information you can find in the literature.

Psycho-emotional overload cause weakening of the immune system and reduce adaptive capacity of the organism. They also affect the regenerative capacity of the organism. Requires addressing the psycho-emotional overload, to avoid occurrence of a state of overtraining and fatigue.

With regard to endogenous factors, I will consider the most common and the ones that you can adjust on their own.

The first is the chronic infections. They boost the immune system and keep you full training. The most common disease of this type is chronic tonsillitis. Before you start training, you need to eliminate the doctor-the otolaryngologist.

Goiter disturbs the digestion and absorption of nutrients in the intestine. In this connection, you bad vosstanavlivalas after training and overtraining. Also when dysbacteriosis broken the synthesis of immune cells in the intestinal mucosa.

The existence of weakening of immunity.

How to find out normal do you have the immune system and how the condition of your immune system affects training and their portability? There are symptoms of weak immunity. The most common symptom is frequent illnesses acute respiratory illness and SARS. You enough you are a little lost and you get a runny nose. Also, there is this kind of violation. when at rest, the immune system feels normal, but when the body is exposed to stressors, for example, physical activity you will start to hurt. Those who regularly trains the weakening of the immune system manifested by the end of the training cycle, close to the maximum for you for a certain period of time indicators.

Correction of disorders of immunity and physical activity in disorders of the immune system and when starting cold.

In modern scientific literature (Kulinenko,2010) suggests the following preventive measures to prevent the weakening and disruption of the immune system:

1)elimination of foci of chronic infection, as the constant intoxication dramatically reduces the reserve capacity of the organism;

2)detection and treatment of dysbiosis:

3)protection from emotional stress:

4)proper nutrition to ensure the immune system nutrients:

5)clear the conduct of the training process in accordance with a human touch:

6)the special immunotherapy (if immunity for some reason was broken, before you start training the necessary correction to ensure normal adaptation to physical loads)

Now I will answer the question of concern to our readers most.

1)is it Possible to train if he got a runny nose and symptoms similar to the common cold?

If no fever and starts coughing, then it is permissible low-intensity training in the dual approaches to 12 repetitions with little effort, or exercise bike for 30 minutes at a leisurely pace. The best option: the exercise bike, as when strength training still bear a huge load on the heart.

2)over what period of time after an illness, you can begin training?

All depends on the severity and duration of the disease. If you just have a cold, then a week break and you can start practicing in a room with moderate loads, gradually increasing.

If seriously ill, with high fever, more than a week, after an illness a week break, then 2 weeks aerobic exercise, and only then with reasonable loads gym.

I hope these recommendations will be useful for you. If you have questions –ask! Do not get sick!

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