The influence of shaping lessons on the state of the body systems


One of the most important effects of training – the slowing of the heart rate at rest (bradycardia) as a manifestation of the economization of cardiac activity and a lower need for hospitalization of oxygen. The increase in the duration of a phase of diastole (relaxation) provides more cots and best supply the heart muscle with oxygen. In patients with bradycardia cases of CHD detected much less frequently than in people with frequent pulse. It is believed that the increase in resting heart rate by 15 beats/min increases the risk of sudden death from heart attack by 70% – the same pattern is observed when muscle activity. When the standard load

on a Bicycle Ergometer in the trained men, the volume of coronary blood flow is almost 2 times less than in untrained (140 vs. 260 ml/min per 100 g of myocardial tissue), respectively 2 times and less need for hospitalization of oxygen (20 to 40 ml/min per 100 g tissue).

Thus, with increasinglevels of fitness, the need for hospitalization of oxygen is reduced both at rest and during submaximal loads, which indicates the economization of cardiac activity. This circumstance is a physiological rationale for shaping patients with X-men. As with the growth of fitness and reduce the need for hospitalization of oxygen increases the level of the threshold load that subjects can perform without the threat of myocardial ischemia and angina attack.

The most pronounced increase in the reserve capacity of the circulatory apparatus during intense muscular activity: increase maximum heart rate, systolic and minute blood volume, arterial-venous difference in oxygen, reducing the total peripheral vascular resistance (the national division), which facilitates the mechanical work of the heart and increases productivity. Evaluation of the functional reserves of the circulatory system with limiting physical activity in individuals with different levels of physical condition shows that people with average UFS (and below average) have minimal functionality, bordering on pathology. Their physical performance is below 75% DMPC. On the contrary, well-trained athletes with high UFS for all parameters meet the criteria of physiological health, their physical performance reaches an optimal value, or exceeds them (100 % DMPC or more, or 3 W/kg and more). Adaptation peripheral level circulation is reduced to the increase in muscle blood flow at full load (maximum of 100 times), arterio-venous difference in oxygen. The density of the capillary bed in working muscles, a higher concentration of myoglobin and increase the activity of oxidative enzymes.

A protective role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease is also increase in blood fibrinolytic activity (max 6 times) and the tone of the sympathetic nervous system. The resulting reduced response to neurohormones in conditions of emotional stress, i.e. increases the body’s resistance to stress. Apart from a pronounced increase in the reserve capacity of the organism under the influence of shaping it is also extremely important preventive effect associated with indirect effects on risk factors for cardiovascular disease. With the growth of fitness (increasing the level of physical performance) observed a significant decrease in all major risk factors CARRIED – cholesterol, blood pressure and body weight.

After research it was found that 3-month period shaping lessons revealed positive changes in the condition of blood circulation in women. Even from those whose primary study indicators of cardiovascular activity were within the physiological norm, there were signs of improvement in the regulatory system of relationships, which increased the functional level of the circulatory system. At the end of the 6-month period, practice the same trend direction changes are preserved. The result of these changes was a more or less pronounced AD normalization is most engaged.

Scientific work and research results in the end of XX century in the field of physics, biology and philosophy has created the preconditions for the extension of the trust boundary shaping-system and served as the basis for the development of new technologies.

At any age through training can improve aerobic capacity and stamina levels – indicators of biological age of the body and its vitality. Thus. Health benefits of shaping was primarily associated with increased aerobic capacity of the organism, the level of General endurance and physical performance.

Improving physical performance is accompanied by a preventive effect in relation to risk factors for cardiovascular disease: a decrease in body weight and fat mass, cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, decrease LIP and increase LPV, decreased blood pressure and heart rate. In addition, regular physical exercise can largely slow down the development of age-related involutional changes in physiological functions, as well as degenerative changes of various organs and systems (including delay and reverse the progression of atherosclerosis).

In this respect, is no exception, and musculoskeletal system. The practice of shaping a positive effect on all parts of the motor apparatus, preventing the development of degenerative changes, age-related changes and physical inactivity. Increased bone mineralization and calcium content in the body that prevents osteoporosis. It increases the flow of lymph to the articular cartilage and the intervertebral discs, which is the best means of prevention of osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease.

Physical exertion causes increased body’s need for oxygen, resulting in an increase of “vital capacity” of the lungs, improves the mobility of the chest. In addition, smoothing of light eliminates congestion in them. The accumulation of mucus and sputum, i.e., serves as a prevention of possible diseases.

Light the systematic practice increase in volume, breathing becomes more rare and deep, which is important for ventilation. Lesson shaping also causes positive emotions, cheerfulness, creates a good mood.

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