The development of endurance

The development of endurance

Training × 10 May 2011

Endurance – this is the ability of a person to do any hard work for a long period of time.

How to develop endurance

Endurance is a good thing, and sometimes even necessary. Endurance is needed boxers, tennis players, military officers, security officers, etc. Often

even in ordinary life there are situations when the presence of endurance can play a decisive role, even when the person is resting. For example, today’s popular ski vacation requires the constant work of the body. But if the descent distance is lengthened, increasing not only the load, but is constantly changing its intensity, which requires additional resources endurance.

Hardy can be defined even in appearance. Usually it fit, portly man, with no excess weight, well muscled. The nature of the movements of the hardy Continue reading

How to choose physical activity for weight loss


Proper nutrition is good, but for effective weight loss necessary physical activity. But do not give myself a vow to start running tomorrow, or every day to download the press 100 times. The choice of physical activity for weight loss is a difficult matter, to come to a decision which should be made deliberately. Because only the correctly chosen exercises will help you to achieve the best weight loss results.

Tense debate about what exercises help you effectively lose weight. intense or prolonged moderate? And maybe it is better to choose weight training for

weight loss? Definitely you can give only one answer: all physical activity promote weight loss, because any movement leads to an inevitable waste of calories. At the beginning Continue reading

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