The data set “Jogging” contains detailed information about treadmills, stretching over 500 meters, public to visit. For example, in the Central Park of culture and rest. Bitter from may 1, free running club. And at the stadium “Luzhniki” experienced trainers free run with fans and newcomers to prepare for a charity marathon, usually held in late may.

The data set provides detailed information about treadmills, view their location on a map. For each object you can see its exact address, hours of

operation, type of coverage, name, phone and the operating organization, as well as other data.

The deterioration of the environment in which they live residents of large towns and cities, forcing them to look for ways of healing your body. In addition to the exhaust gas, and power “on the fly”, a huge problem of large cities becomes a minimization of movement – we can’t do without transport, private or public, at work people long hours sitting at a Desk, at home – is a favorite sofa or chair. No wonder weight, turning into obese, named one of the most significant problems of modern humanity.

Running – one of the least expensive sports, as neither special equipment, nor pass into the hall he doesn’t put on his sneakers and ran. Therefore, in the metropolis this kind of sport and leisure is gaining popularity. However, if a person decided to run against him – exhaust fumes, heavy traffic, potholes on the sidewalks, not to mention the traffic lights, which have to stop at every step.

Knowing all the difficulties of training in a big city, the Moscow government creates special Jogging routes, which conducted training with professional instructors for beginners and to advanced runners. But just the runners who do not want to be bound to marathons, going to an independent panel and are forging their own paths.

Last but not least the popularity of cross-country tracks is a pleasure craft is defined by the presence on the route of the beautiful views. If the environment will delight your eyes, training will bring more fun, and have a desire to repeat it. The changing seasons and the ability to think of new trails – one of the most compelling advantages of outdoor activities, although for practical reasons neglect the gym is not worth it. According to some research, even just being in the fresh air, especially outside the city, has a positive effect on health.

For daily Jogging aim to choose the trails through parks, along rivers, lakes and canals, on the beach. If these routes are difficult to find, look for places, along the streets where trees are planted, there are interesting buildings, open spaces, roads with low traffic. In order to measure the distance covered, use a pedometer.

The diversity of landscapes. Keep in mind that most suitable for walking and running routes run through places with different terrain: flat terrain for Jogging or walking, the hilly terrain will add to the burden, and steep slopes will require more effort to lift them and maintain equilibrium for the descent.

One of 5 causes of injury during the run – this is a move in the wrong areas. The best surface for walking or running is smooth soft surface such as grass or carpet with a special coating. Rough, tough surfaces, such as rocky ground, mud or sand, you will require more effort during training and force me to slow down, especially if they are covered with grass or other vegetation. To reduce the risk of injury, choose good shoes that support the foot and shock absorption on the surface.

Plan your route for walking or running so that along the way you had the opportunity to stop and drink water –the machines where you can buy a bottle of water or with the ability to run home (if you, for example, in the country). If this presents a difficulty, take a bottle of water with you. On hot days, don’t neglect to refreshing streams of water from fountains, hoses, sprinklers, or just from the tap. Even experienced runners, not to mention newcomers, don’t neglect the opportunity to make a short break on the way, so the route with benches or cafes in your way will be very useful. In hot weather, choose a route that he ran mostly in the shade, away from the scorching rays of the sun.

In addition, those who are bored to run alone, offer their routes on the forums of joggers on the Internet, searching for a company. So you can not only find a partner for running, but also to share their experiences or ask for advice from experienced runners.

Before you reach the “trail running” makes sense to listen to the advice of more experienced friends, and better – professional instructors. Information on the Internet, of course, very much and that it can confuse and even scare a beginner. However, the majority of experts agree in opinion that in running, as in any other endeavor, you need to listen to my inner voice. Want to run in the morning – run, want to run after work and shake off the stress – go for it.

Do you know that?

– Before you start running, it is recommended before training to eat an Apple or drink water with honey, this helps to maintain the proper level of sugar in the body, as during static muscle loads, it drops – occurs due to a slight indisposition. But even this, it is better to eat! But, not only should tightly Breakfast, this overloading your body.

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