Volleyball is a safe game


An important advantage of volleyball is that the need in collisions of players appears only at a relatively high level of their skills, when they do everything very secure. Because it makes no sense to jump on the block, at the risk of causing injury to the attacker to the opponent and yourself, if you have very little experience of the game (i.e., if it is obvious that the unit will not be effective). And when coordination is already strong, when muscles are good at listening, confrontation forwards

and blocking becomes very interesting, but not very dangerous.

In this post I want to list simple rules that will allow the volleyball lover to avoid a lot of stupid injuries:

0) Obviously, the warm-up should be of high quality. One sudden movement of the player, recently has come into the room with frost, may deprive him of the opportunity to play for a month (if unsuccessfully to pull the shoulder or back,for example). It is so obvious, that it to say strange, but necessary.

1) Nails should be neatly trimmed. When you run top, in a blocking action, and even when the error in the possible attack failed “grasping” the surface of the ball of the nail, which is very painful and long healing. By the way, it is clear that playing in the glasses is too last thing.

2) When submitting your team must be hard to bite down. It is necessary for salvation language, which you can fail to hold if the ball flying in to the back of the head, if the time with someone talking. Mouth at the time of filing must be closed. Incidentally, it goes without saying that chewing gum with volleyball may not be combined.

3) Some of the most painful balls – it ricochets from the neighbors. If a player is unable to execute a flow, the ball may fly off at very high speeds directly into the ear of his neighbor, if he is not ready. So we need to be ready for it – it will protect from injury and may allow you to save the drawing.

4) requested to see the location of foreign objects in strikeouts hall (benches, tables, chairs, etc.) so as not to collide with them, trying to catch the ball flying away. It would be ideal to remove dangerous objects at the first opportunity, but unfortunately, it is not possible everywhere.

5) you Should try to keep your actions were predictable for partners. For this we need to know exactly at what point and who should perform touch of the ball so as not to disturb him to do it (and a few people couldn’t fight for one ball). If you are going to deviate from a predetermined scheme need about this clearly to inform that other players don’t interfere with trying to save the drawing (viewers volleyball matches, heard loud cries in the games is volleyball notify each other about their plans :). This is very important for novice teams, players still can’t feel the area of responsibility, so they often collide with each other. Serious teams this almost never happens, because players intensively analyze the situation on the field, often share tips during the round and know the capabilities of each other.

6) it is Worth remembering that “health”. Therefore it is impossible even to worry about what your fears were a lost point. A good style is to support the player who was beating my head against the wall trying to save the ball, and wisely stopped. Better to try that he also had no doubt that properly take care of themselves.

7) And last – incorrect block strong offensive to insufficient height. The feeling of the correct unit comes with experience, but even the very serious players there are errors of this type, which sometimes lead to finger fractures, injuries of joints and so on. I will not dwell on this topic, because in any serious volleyball team where able to hit hard, there will be people that clearly explain everything. Must judge the touch grid . the players always tried to gently play – this will persist for many injuries.

It may seem that volleyball is a very dangerous game, because so many items needed to list only part of the measures that reduce risks. However, we must understand that the absence of the need for frequent contact between players is a significant bonus, health promoting, and enforcing those rules significantly reduces the risks for novice players, so volleyball is a very attractive sport and in terms of security too.

Invite volleyball players to expand a small collection of injuries that I saw, please leave a description of situations that could not have been avoided using these rules, but from which you can escape hearing Your advice.

By the way, Vann properly noticed. what is teamwork in volleyball is very similar to the necessary actions in the “life”. Self-organization of players in the process of training and concerted action on the responsible gaming very interesting for the understanding of the observer, it is not only about volleyball, but also about social interaction. Therefore, the development of such skills in the gym contributes to greater understanding of the people and thin connections between them, which is useful for anyone.

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