What to do to be healthy

What to do to be healthy?

Loreal the Nobel prize in physics J. Rainwater, emphasizing the individual’s responsibility for their own health, spoke as follows: “what health is each of us depends largely on our behavior in the past – from how we breathe and move, as we ate, which preferred thoughts and attitudes. Today we determine our health in the future. We ourselves are responsible for it!”.

A person should shift its focus from treating disease to care about his health.

You need to understand that the cause of ill health is first of all not in a bad food, uncomfortable life, environment pollution, lack of proper medical care, and the indifference of man to himself, in the release thanks to human civilizationfrom effort on them, which resulted in the destruction of the body’s defenses.

For the improvement and formation of health it is important to learn to be healthy.

Need a creative approach to their own health, to establish the need, ability and determination to create health in your own hands at the expense of internal reserves, and not other people’s efforts and external conditions.

Nature has endowed man with sophisticated life-support systems and management, representing a well-established mechanisms involved in the regulation of activity of various organs, tissues and cells at different levels in close cooperation of the Central nervous and endocrine systems.

The functioning of the body according to the principle of self-regulating system based on the status of the external and internal environment enables the gradual training, as well as training and education of various organs and systems in order to increase its reserve capacity.

Keep abreast of Your health

Currently quite a large number of people believe that all that is connected with health depends on the person.

And if you give up bad habits (Smoking, drugs, drinking), to avoid excesses in the diet, move more, keep active, you can significantly lengthen their life.

This is absolutely correct and indeed in many cases prolongs life and improves its quality.

However, this is not enough because many diseases are inherited genetic nature and high probability of exposure to harmful parasites, microbes and viruses.

Environmental conditions, food quality, pace of life almost does not always depend on us.

And how would this not apply if you are going to live long, being healthy, you need to be friends with medicine.

There are thousands of examples of how painful people do not always observe besides a healthy lifestyle, but systematically undergoing treatment and prevention, live to a ripe old age.

And, on the contrary, it seems to be healthy and happy people suddenly seriously ill in middle age and often die prematurely.

Why this happens almost every day?

First of all, because you cannot guarantee the health, not obsledovanie.

It is impossible to preserve health and prolong life, not knowing your body.

There is a deep misconception that the body itself will tell you when to go to the doctor. In fact, this is not quite so.

A number of serious pathology develops often painless.

For example, the formation and growth of cancer, or coronary insufficiency in the majority of cases are asymptomatic.

Long may they grow in Your body without any symptoms, causing only a slight deterioration of health that often gets attributed to fatigue.

A person does not feel the clotting, tendency to the formation of blood clots, often accustomed to hypertension and to “last call” doesn’t feel the deposition of cholesterol, blocking his coronary vessels.

Unfortunately here in Russia it is not customary to consult a doctor without any specific complaints as preventive measures.

In medicine many cases where doctors can identify the disease, but not in a condition to help the patient due to late diagnosis.

After reaching a certain age are recommended to undergo regular checkups to ensure that Your health is in order and You were not in danger.

If the disease is neglected, its treatment is significantly more expensive, require a long time and often ends not in favor of the patient.

So, we all know a good sports form bill Clinton, former U.S. President, who daily Jogging.

A few years ago, during a jog, he lost consciousness and when he died he was taken to hospital, where he had immediately to do a complicated bypass surgery on the heart, because it was completely blocked off one of the coronary arteries.

Such things do not happen suddenly, plaques formed in the blood vessels for years.

The life of bill Clinton saved, and lives about 200 thousand Russians annually need bypass surgery, do not save.

Protect the body from parasites!

Many people leading a healthy lifestyle, there are health violations due to the presence of parasites.

The improvement of the body (eating right, exercise, treatments of hardening) without getting rid of the parasites does not give significant effect.

The parasites (protozoa, fungi and helminths) are thereby trigger many chronic diseases: cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, pancreatitis, asthma, diabetes, atopic dermatitis and many others.

A strong current of parasitic diseases may be: chronic fatigue, irritability, hyperactivity in children, brittle nails and hair, problematic skin, decreased immunity.

Forewarned is forearmed!

It follows to conclude the following. The improvement in the health associated primarily with conscious, intelligent care of the person on the reconstruction and development of the living resources in the transformation of a healthy lifestyle in a fundamental component.

Need to systematically undergo a comprehensive diagnostic service, research, know their pathology, to follow their development, time to heal, relax and, if necessary, to change their lifestyles.

Many of our compatriots consider the norm to carry on the feet hepatitis a and b, the latent inflammation of the kidneys, gall bladder, presence of parasites in your body and other diseases.

Yes, and when a person gets sick, in many cases, it does not bring the treatment to the end, and extinguishes only the symptoms of the disease.

To eliminate or to mitigate emerging pathology, first of all, we need to know them.

This knowledge can only be obtained during the survey of all major organs and systems of organs.

According to the results of complex diagnostics can carry out preventive measures, if necessary, targeted treatment to halt and sometimes reverse the adverse changes in your body.

Important advice diagnosis better place in the diagnostic center survey, encompassing all vital organs.

And we just want to emphasize – the doctors who You can trust in their own health, i.e. with extensive practical experience.

Another mandatory condition is to do different analyses and tests more or less simultaneously.

Otherwise, the results of various tests and examinations are difficult to collect in the system and to get a holistic picture of the health of the body.

In our diagnostic center in Belyaevo You can literally 1.5 hours to get almost ALL NECESSARY INFORMATION about the condition of the entire body through a unique testing methods – bioresonance diagnostics and live blood analysis live on the blood drop.

Once this survey, You forget about the endless visits to doctors in different practices, You will not need countless a variety of tests, You do not want tedious procedures.

I would like to warn the reader — with Amaya harmful position of man in relation to himself, this is the position of “ostrich” when you don’t want (or scary!) suddenly find out something bad about their health.

If You have visited this idea, think about the family, about friends, kids, or about the wonders of life. Feel the need to be healthy and are needed in the first place itself!

Complete testing of the body is the basis to detect any risks to Your health.

By the way, this explains much of the difference between the lifespan (15-20 years are not in our favor) of citizens of Russia and other highly developed in the field of health care countries such as Japan.

You should understand that the cost of prevention or Le tion of diseases at an early stage is significantly lower than the cost of treatment of the running form of the disease.

Moreover, it significantly increases the chances of a full recovery.

Doctors often claim that life can be significantly extended thanks to the timely detection of disease, but l Directors for complex forms of illnesses is difficult, expensive and often inefficient task.

The entry on the diagnosis

Sign up for diagnosis and receive comprehensive advice about your health condition may Muscovites and guests of the capital via the feedback form at: m. Belyaevo, Profsoyuznaya St., 83, KAB. 215 (second floor).

The reception is Monday through Saturday from 10.0 – 18.0. Examination time is 1.5 hours.

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